Kee Onn Fong

Postdoctoral Scholar

APL, Air-Sea Interaction Department

Current project: Bubble Exchange in the Labrador Sea (BELS)

Research interest: air-sea gas exchange, active & multiphase flows, soft matter, turbulence

Personal website

I am a scientist interested in the flow of matter and the laws that govern them.

I obtained my PhD at the University of Minnesota, studying the transport of solid particles in air with a turbulent boundary layer, and also the clustering of solid particles at high concentrations in a circulating fluidized bed riser. At the University of Washington, I first studied liquid sprays in the Mechanical Engineering department, conducting experiments on droplet formation and distribution in high ambient pressure conditions. Currently, I am studying the exchange of gases between the ocean and atmosphere and how bubbles affect this exchange, as part of the Bubble Exchange in the Labrador Sea (BELS) experiment.    

Recent developments in soft robotics and programmable soft matter makes the interdisciplinary field of soft, active matter and fluid dynamics an exciting avenue for research with rich physics and applications. I am interested in exploring the use of programmable soft matter to control fluid turbulence. I am also interested in researching environmental flow problems, especially involving granular flows and bubbly flows.