Full UW course catalog:

Recommended Core Courses

CEWA 565: Data Analysis for Hydrology &  Hydrodynamics
CEWA 570: Hydrodynamics
CEWA 572: Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamics
CEWA 573: Coastal Engineering and wave mechanics
CEWA 574: Sediment Transport
CEWA 577: Open Channel Flow
CEWA 590: Field Measurements for Hydrology & Hydrodynamics

OCEAN 511: Intro Fluid Dynamics
OCEAN 512: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 1

ME 543: Fluid Turbulence
ME 544: Advanced Turbulence Modeling Techniques

AA 543: Computational Fluid Dynamics
AA 544: Turbulence Modeling and Simulation

Electives and suggestions

ESS 522: Geophysical Data Collection & Analysis
AMATH 501: Vector Calculus & Complex Variables
AMATH 503: Methods for PDEs
AMATH 581: Scientific computing
AMATH 582: Computational Methods for Data Analysis
AMATH 583: High performance scientific computing
ATM S 552: Objective Analysis
OCEAN 507: Puget Sound & Estuarine Ocean
OCEAN 508: The Changing Artic Ocean
CEE 573: Snow Hydrology
CSE 576: Computer Vision
CSE 583: Software Development for Data Scientists
SMEA 509: Integrated Coastal Management
SMEA 515: Coastal and Ocean Law and Policy