Working with the WACFWRU

Our Role

We facilitate research contracts between principal investigators at University of Washington and Washington State University and our state cooperators: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Natural Resources, and Washington Department of Ecology. For principal investigators at University of Washington, we also facilitate Research Work Orders (RWOs) with federal agencies. All WACFWRU research contracts are charged a reduced indirect cost rate by our university cooperators.  

Why Work with Us?

In addition to the reduced indirect cost rates that facilitate collaboration between our university and agency cooperators, working through us can benefit graduate students on cooperative projects. Students funded through WACFWRU projects can present at our Annual Graduate Student Symposium, where they will be eligible to win the Gil Pauley Travel Award for best student presentation. University principal investigators may also nominate their students for the annual John Pierce Outstanding Graduate Student Award. A request for nominations is emailed to principal investigators each summer.

Getting Started

If you are considering a new research project with our state cooperators or a federal agency, we’d be happy to help. The first step is to Contact Us.

Important Resources

  • Policy on project fit: description of the types of projects that we support
  • State project workflow: description of the process by which UW and WSU investigators and their Washington state partners can initiate projects
  • Federal project workflow: description of the process by which UW investigators and their federal partners can initiate projects (this document is in preparation; if you are interested in initiating a federal project, please Contact Us)
  • Competitive proposal policy: how university investigators can apply for competitive proposals through our state cooperators at lower indirect rates