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Provider FAQs

A victim reports sexual assault, what to do?

If the assault occurred within the last 5 days, you can encourage your victim to go to an emergency room for a sexual assault exam.

What to offer when the victim only wants meds?

After a sexual assault, victims are typically offered Plan B/Ella (emergency contraception), Azithromycin 1gm for Chlamydia, 250 mg Ceftriaxone for Gonorrhea and 2gm Metronidazole for Trichomonas. STI testing is not typically indicated after an assault if medications are provided.

Options for victims worried about HIV?

On the guidelines section of our website you will find the current HIV post exposure prophylaxis guidelines that includes lab work and medication suggestions.

Are there options when there is no insurance?

The cost of the sexual assault exam, medications and lab work is covered by the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) program. Hospitals can bill CVC directly for these costs. Medications are covered under CVC but community pharmacies do not currently have a mechanism to bill CVC. It can be helpful for victims to be seen in an emergency room for the exam and medications so that everything can be billed directly to CVC.

Where to refer for counseling and resources?

Every county in the state has a community sexual assault program that can provide additional resources for sexual assault victims. The list of community sexual assault programs can be found under the section of this website.