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Citizenship in a Globalised World - Bruno S. Frey, University of Zurich
Complexity and Irony in Policing and Protesting: The WTO In Seattle - Patrick F. Gillham and Gary T. Marx (Other articles in Social Justice)
Globalizing Resistance: The Battle of Seattle and the Future of Social Movements - Jackie Simth, SUNY Stony Brook (CLS Working paper No. 14; Mobilization Spring 2001)
Strikes! Past and Present - And the Battles in Seattle - Margaret Levi and David Olson (CLS Working paper No. 13); Politics & Society 28, 3 (2000): 217-237
The West and Workers - James Gregory, University of Washington. The Blackwell Companion to the History of the American West (forthcoming) (pdf)
Global Order And Local Resistance: Structure, Culture, And Rationality In The Battle Of Seattle - Mark Lichbach, Department Of Government And Politics, University Of Maryland
Inside WTO Dissent: The experiences of LELO and CCEJ (pdf) - Monica Ghosh, University of Washington. Undergraduate paper, UW Center for Labor Studies, 2000



Aaronson, Susan A.
Taking trade to the streets: The lost history of public efforts to shape globalization.
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press; 2001
Anderson, Sarah Views from the South: The Effects of Globalization and the WTO on Third World countries.
Oakland, Calif., Chicago: Co-published by Food First Books and the International Forum on Globalization. Distributed by LPC Group; 2000
Danaher, Kevin and Burbach, Roger Globalize This! The Battle Against the World Trade Organization and corporate rule.
Monroe, Me: Common Courage Press; 2000.
Guilloud, Stephanie, ed. Voices from the WTO: An anthology of writings from the people who shut down the World Trade Organization : Stories & photos from November 30--December 3, 1999.
Olympia, WA: The Evergreen State College Bookstore distributor; 2000
Wallach, Lori and Sforza, Michelle Whose trade organization? Corporate globalization and the erosion of democracy : An assessment of the World Trade Organization.
Washington, D.C: Public Citizen; 1999.
Thomas, Janet The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations.
Golden, CO; Fulcrum Publishing; 2000.


World Trade Observer

World Trade Observer, in print and online versions and mirrored on this site, was produced by organizations representing environmentalists, labor activists, agriculture specialists, human-rights campaigners, and others. It was published daily during the week of the Ministerial.

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