Research Topics

Life on earth is shaped by dynamic interactions of molecules, pathways, cells, organisms, and ecosystems. Our research began with the studies of protein-protein interactions underlying protein ubiquitination, a form of post-translational modification that regulates the functions of a large variety of protein substrates in eukaryotes. We initially focused on a superfamily of protein complex machineries, the cullin-RING ubiquitin ligases, but were soon led by ubiquitin to unexpected new research areas. Our ongoing studies now span several interwoven domains of interests and will continue to venture into the vast unknown of biology and the promising avenues of therapeutics discovery.


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Ubiquitin is a small protein that covalently modifies many other proteins. Ubiquitination has emerged as … READ MORE

Plant Biology

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Plants provide us with food, oxygen, medicine, clothes, shelter, and fuel. Yet we know so little about them … READ MORE

Drug Discovery

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Based on our studies of plant hormones, we have introduced "molecular glue" as a new concept in drug discovery … READ MORE


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Interpretation of the genetic code starts with transcription, which is coordinated by the actions of many proteins … READ MORE

Circadian Clock

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Most organisms on planet Earth experience circadian rhythm, which is driven by their intrinsic biological clocks … READ MORE

Ion Channels

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Voltage-gated ion channels propagate electrical signals and play a key role in excitable neuronal and muscle tissues … READ MORE