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Photo of some ACE Lab students on a sidewalk in the U District.
Some students from the ACE Lab (photo taken 6/02/2022)
What is the ACE Lab?

The ACE Lab at the University of Washington is housed in The Information School and comprises students from information science and computer science doing original research in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). The lab is directed by Prof. Jacob O. Wobbrock.

ACE Lab members create Accessible Computing Experiences, believing that interactive technologies should serve and enhance human experience for all people.

ACE Lab members also create Advanced Computing Experiences, using AI/ML, sensing, statistics, human factors, crowdsourcing, and design thinking to build and evaluate interactive systems that empower users.

Our past work has influenced accessibility on the iPhone, made gestures easy to design and implement, and has been the basis for startup companies, among many other contributions.

ACE Lab members are active in the cross-campus DUB Group, the multi-departmental HCI & Design group that is #1 in the world. Some members are also part of UW CREATE, the Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences.


To create interactive technologies that improve people's access to and experience of computers and information, especially (but not exclusively) for people with disabilities.

Feature Story

Read about the ACE Lab (formerly known as the MAD Lab) in this feature story by UW Information School News.

Our Values

  1. Vision. "The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability, and something is bound to come of it."   — Vannevar Bush (1945)

  2. Creativity. "The most dangerous phrase in the language is, 'We've always done it this way.' "   — Grace Hopper

  3. Elegance. "The stuff I design, if I'm successful, nobody will ever notice. Things will just work."   — Radia Perlman

  4. Utility. "The value of an idea lies in the using of it."   — Thomas Edison

  5. Inclusion. "Everybody has to be able to participate in a future that they want to live for. That's what technology can do."   — Dean Kamen

Support the ACE Lab!

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to help us further our research and dissemination. Your gifts make a huge difference in the lives of students and our ability to advance the state of the art in human-computer interaction. Please contact Prof. Jacob O. Wobbrock at

Ace of Huskies
======= 2021-2022 News =======

Judy Kong led a paper accepted at ASSETS 2022 entitled, "Quantifying touch: New metrics for characterizing what happens during a touch." PDF coming soon! Congratulations, Judy!
July 1, 2022


Alexis Hiniker and Jacob O. Wobbrock published a position paper in ACM Interactions entitled, "Reclaiming attention: Christianity and HCI."
July 1, 2022


Congratulations to Mingrui (Ray) Zhang who successfully defended his dissertation and was hooded today at the UW iSchool graduation ceremony! He will join Meta in New York City in Fall 2022.
June 4, 2022.


Ather Sharif's work on VoxLens, which makes data visualizations accessible to blind users, was written up in UW News. He also was quoted in a piece about related work by M.I.T. News.
June 2, 2022.


The ACE Lab has four full papers and one workshop paper at ACM CHI 2022. Congratulations to ACE Ph.D. students Ather Sharif, Mingrui (Ray) Zhang, and Mingyuan (Jason) Zhong, and all our co-authors, on this achievement!
March 31, 2022.


Professor Wobbrock is honored as an ACM Fellow "for contributions to human-computer interaction and accessible computing."
January 19, 2022.


Ather Sharif is profiled in an article on accessible design by the University of Washington Graduate School.
September 3, 2021.