Celebration Art for the Fremont Solstice Parade

Fremont Arts Council is the Seattle public arts organization known for creating the annual Fremont Solstice Parade. We are reaching out to art schools in the Seattle area to connect with students interested in joining us in making what we call celebration art! Right now we have two exciting opportunities for artists to step off the sidewalk and into the streets with us.
  • First, every year we make a poster for the parade, and use the design elements in parade promotions like postcards and ads. These design pieces are displayed and dispersed all over the region. We would like to invite your students to submit designs for consideration for use in this year’s campaign. The artist whose design is selected will receive a $100 honorarium, a membership to the Fremont Arts Council, and a profile on our website crediting them with the 2017 design. Please click here for details: http://fremontartscouncil.org/call-for-fremont-solstice-parade-poster-art/  (Proposals due April 17, Final Designs due April 24)
  • Second, if students want to be involved, but a print design suite isn’t in the scope of their craft, we offer annual Dave McKay Art Grants to people working on other specific projects for the parade. We would love to receive submissions from your students. The McKay Grants provide design and creation funds for art projects which transform the street into theater with social commentary and the unexpected. Some past projects include giant puppets, spectacle fashion, music, dance, floats…use your imagination and bring it to life! http://fremontartscouncil.org/mckay-grants/ (Applications due April 18)

We have made it our mission to engage community to create colorful celebration where everyone is an artist, and we embrace new ideas and creative energy to achieve that mission. These Solstice Parade projects can not only be a great way for students to have their work seen by an incredible number of art lovers, but also an occasion to build relationships with other artists in the Fremont Arts Council community.

Visit our website www.FremontArtsCouncil.org for more information on our year-round activities.


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