Call for Artists – ArtXchange Gallery

ArtXchange Gallery is currently accepting submissions for an October/November group exhibition exploring the perpetuation of one’s cultural heritage in today’s globalized, post-modern society.

  • How do artists express the intersecting elements of their identity, from DNA to familial tradition to contemporary daily life?
  • How do individuals who are immigrants and/or diasporic children claim and preserve their culture when separated from their communities, homeland or language?
  • How does lineage and ancestral knowledge shape the way we see the world around us?

Submission information:

Please email submissions to by Aug 28. Selected artists will be notified by Sept 7.

  • Submit up to five images no larger than 2 mb of currently available artworks to be exhibited. All media will be considered, including installation and new media.
  • Include an image list with artwork title, medium, dimensions and short description of each work.
  • Artist bio and/or resume.
  • Short statement addressing the artwork and it’s connection to the themes listed above.

Update: Submissions from all locations are welcomed. Please note that the gallery cannot offer shipping coverage for this exhibit.

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