Jack Straw Artist Support Program – Accepting Applications

Jack Straw Artist Support Program now Accepting Applications

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Deadline Nov 2nd

Jack Straw Cultural Center is now accepting applications for the 28th year of the Jack Straw Artist Support Program. Up to eight artists/teams are awarded 20 hours of free recording and production time with an engineer at Jack Straw Cultural Center; an additional 10-12 artists/teams receive matching awards. The Artist Support Program is open to artists of all disciplines whose project proposals include sound as a major component. Such projects might include recording a music CD, producing radio programs, oral histories, audio literature, sound for a gallery installation or public art project, film, music and sound design for dance and theater, digital media work, etc. Completed projects are publicly presented at a Jack Straw artist event.

Selection Process:

Artist Support Program applications are evaluated and awarded by a multidisciplinary selection panel. The panelists change each year, and are all established artists and arts professionals invited by Jack Straw staff. The names of the panelists will be made public after the selection process has been completed. All applicants will be notified of the results in writing. Please allow at least twelve weeks after deadline dates for the review and notification process to be completed.

Selection Criteria: 

The process can be highly competitive depending on the number and range of applications. Panelists will base their selections upon the excellence of the work represented in the support materials provided by the applicant; the artistic merit of the proposed project; the feasibility of the proposed project; and the subjective response of the panelists to the applicant’s proposal/work in comparison to the other submissions received.

Covid-19 Advisory

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our studios are operating at a modified capacity. To ensure social distancing, our larger studio can accommodate two performers at one time, and our smaller studio can hold one. These studio spaces can be operated from one control room, allowing for a maximum of three people recording at one time. We can use overdubbing and editing to create projects with many more personnel, but this does mean that large, live ensemble projects are not possible at this time, until such time as this type of activity is safe.

Additionally, most location recording projects will not be possible unless our staff engineers determine a given situation to be within acceptable safety parameters.

For artists located outside of Seattle who are unable to travel, we may still be able to work with you, as long as your physical presence is not required in the studio. We are able to work with artists remotely for editing, mixing, and training, as well as recording any Seattle-based performers, with the lead artist providing direction remotely as needed.

We will not rule out any projects for not fitting these guidelines, but it does mean that if a project is selected that can’t be achieved under current circumstances, there may be a long wait before it can be completed.

We would also love to talk with you about the possibilities of creating projects that are designed in some way to be produced and experienced in this era. Reach out to us at arts@jackstraw.org to talk over your project.

QUESTIONS? Please carefully read the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.