Elizabeth Gregory Home seeks Art Interns

Elizabeth Gregory Home seeks Art Interns

Elizabeth Gregory Home seeks Art Intern to coordinate weekly or bi-weekly art activities for guests. The times/dates are flexible (previous time slots that worked well were Mondays or Tuesdays before 1pm, or Sundays between 1 – 3pm). A time period of 1-2 hours is usually perfect. We have some supplies and do have a small art budget, so it’s possible to purchase some other items as needed.

If interested, please contact Michelle Wick at Mwick@eghseattle.org

Guidelines for Art                                                                                                                          

  • Art project should be prepped a day ahead of time by a volunteer or staff member
  • Have 2 – 3 examples prepped for the various steps to create the project is preferred
    • Prepping is especially important so we can show our guests how to use the tools
  • If using glue, be mindful of the type of paper that will be used
    • Glue sticks on construction paper works best
    • Liquid glue on canvas and watercolor paper works best
    • Depending on the project, have a designated space for drying prior to starting Art
    • Art project should always be trauma informed
      • The following list is an example of things that may be triggering to some:
        • Religious based
  • Stereotypes based on race, heritage, gender, culture, and other potentially offensive imagery
      • Political Indorsements
      • Explicit sexual content
      • Graphic violence or gore
      • Self-harm and suicide related
      • Animal Cruelty
      • Using a guest as a model for portraits
  • We recognize that each person processes their trauma differently and if guests create their own art, we cannot gatekeep how they express themselves through art. We simply ask that our Art leader not format the project focusing on the examples from the above list.
  •  When starting Art, lay out the supplies that will be needed so guests don’t have to worry about finding the right stuff
  • The most requested art projects include:
    • Decorations to cubical or tent
    • Something bright
    • Using resources that are readily available such as
      • Pinecones
      • Branches
      • Paper towel rolls
  • Cloth paint for shirts or tote bags
  • Personalizing their own stuff

Advice for Leading

  • Be consistent. It will take some time for our guests to be comfortable around someone new
  • Encourage each guest to make their project their own. It does not have to look exactly like the example
  • If a mistake is made on a project, encourage them to keep going. In the words of Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”
  • If using paintbrushes, set them up near the sink
  • It is ok to ask guests to help clean up the space
  • Guests enjoy the freedom of Art with the structure of knowing how to use the supplies
  • If offering a theme, keep it casual
  • When we can, display guests art. It’s important for people to see themselves in the space and making it look beautiful
  • At the end of each session, take note of the following items:
    • Paint levels
    • Glue levels
    • Condition of the brushes
    • Etc.