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Reading is at the foundation of academic success, and children who struggle learning to read are at a disadvantage throughout their academic careers. Unfortunately reading disabilities cannot be distilled to a single, simple cause, meaning that there is no single solution that will be uniformly successful for all children. Rather, children struggle with reading for a myriad of reasons and the most effective approach to intervention will differ among children. Our research seeks to understand the factors that contribute to reading difficulties with the hope that a deeper understanding of individual variability will open the door for innovative, personalized intervention programs. We combine novel, quantitative brain imaging technologies with customized diagnostic and assessment tools, to build a detailed understanding of the mechanisms underlying typical and impaired reading development.

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Support The UW Reading & Dyslexia Research Program’s summer reading clinic where scientific research on the origins of dyslexia gets translated into practice. Our goal is to raise $500,000 to support our research based summer programs for children with dyslexia.

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Contact Jason D. Yeatman, Ph.D, the director of the Brain Development & Education Lab and UW Reading & Dyslexia Research Program, for more information or to set up a lab tour.