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Student Support

The BPSD program supports a student from the time of entry into the program until the time a permanent advisor is selected (first three quarters). At that point, it becomes the responsibility of the advisor to arrange to support that student (including salary, tuition, and health insurance) for the remainder of the student’s graduate education, be it from the advisor’s resources or from some other source of funding, provided that the student continues making satisfactory progress in their graduate program as determined by their Supervisory Committee.

This financial support includes a salary, a tuition waiver, and student-only health insurance. The student will be responsible for paying quarterly student fees (approximately $900/year). The current first year graduate student salary rate is $3,434 per month. This rate is for the first three quarters of funding while students participate in lab rotations.  Once a student joins a lab for thesis mentoring, their salary will be set at the student salary rate of the degree granting department. Note that some departmental salary rates are at a lower salary level.

All students are responsible for paying the following quarterly fees:

  • Service & Activities Fee
  • IMA Bond Fee
  • Facilities Renovation Fee

Note: Fee list is current as of Autumn 2022; subject to change.