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Student Profiles

Adam Nguyen (he/him)

Entry Year: 2020

Thesis Lab: Melody Campbell (Fred Hutch)

Rotations: Ning Zheng; Alexey Merz

Research Interests: Using structural and biophysical tools to understand regulation of the vascular system; integrin-mediated angiogenesis; cryo-EM

Hometown: Mill Creek, WA

Undergraduate Institution: Biochemistry, University of Washington

About me: After finishing my bachelors, I spent time as a research technician in Dr. Kelly Lee’s lab investigating host viral interactions with dendritic cells. After joining BPSD, I have now switched gears to studying how cells communicate at the molecular level using cryoEM during angiogenesis with Dr. Melody Campbell at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center. Outside the lab, you may find me online, racing GT3 cars looking for a tenth or two. I’m always available to talk about the latest formula 1 news. I also enjoy photography (especially with the picturesque Pacific Northwest).

Jacob North (they/them)

Entry Year: 2021

Thesis Lab: Frank DiMaio (Biochemistry)

Rotations: Stefan Stoll; David Baker

Research Interests: Computational modeling (and design) of enzyme {structure, dynamics, activity, regulation, allostery} using deep learning; spectroscopy; sustainability

Hometown: Monmouth, OR

Undergraduate Institution: Biochemistry and Biophysics, (Minors: Math, Chemistry, Computer Science) Oregon State University

About me: I grew up in the lush Oregon rainforest with the company of the oaks, firs, and ferns, as well as my mom’s angora goats, alpacas, rabbits, and chickens. In my spare time I enjoy reading mostly nonfiction (history, chemistry, math, computer science), playing the guitar and keyboard, walking, writing, gardening, tinkering with my computer, and building or repairing things. You can find me hunched in my chair scanning through some code or lounging in a papasan at the U-District light rail station (/j).