Interview Notes and Transcripts

Alex Bores Transcript Audio
At the time of the interview, Alex Bores was a third year Industrial and Labor Relations student at Cornell University. During the Nike campaign at Cornell in 2010, Alex was the President of Cornell’s Students Against Sweatshops. Alex discusses the efforts on Cornell's campus to redress labor violations committed by Nike.
Andrew Schwartz Transcript Audio - Part 1 Audio - Part 2
Angelina Godoy Transcript Audio
Angelina Godoy is an Associate Professor in the departments of Law, Societies, and Justice, and International Studies, at the University of Washington. She is also the director of the Center for Human Rights at the University of Washington. Professor Godoy discusses her reactions to the Nike case.
Aseem Prakash Audio
Bruce Kochis Transcript Audio
Bruce Kochis is a senior lecturer at the University of Washington Bothell. He serves on the University of Washington Advisory Committee on Trademarks and Licensing, which he joined in 2000. He is also the former Director of the Human Rights Education and Research Network and is on the steering committee for the UW Center for Human Rights.
Central General Trabajadores Notes
Central General Trabajadores (CGT) is one of three major labor unions in Honduras, founded in the 1970s and led by Evangelina Argueta. CGT represents maquila workers in and around San Pedro Sula. Representatives from CGT discuss the formation of the union and their struggles to receive compensation for labor violations committed by global brands.
Debra Glassman Audio
Jim Ritter Notes Audio
Jorge Perez Lopez Video
Kathy Hoggan Transcript
Kathy Hoggan is the Director of Trademarks and Licensing for the University of Washington (UW). Her interview regards the University’s involvement in labor struggles against three UW licensees: Russell, Estofel-Gear for Sports, and Nike.
Lance Compa Transcript Audio - Part 1 Audio - Part 2 Audio - Part 3
Lance Compa is a professor of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University in New York. He took a position at Cornell in 1997. He is co-Chair of Cornell’s Licensing and Oversight Committee and has overseen the distribution of the Nike-CGT settlement in 2009. Lance discusses Cornell's decision to threaten Nike to allow their contract to expire.
Lucia Rosales and Bessie Rocio Notes
Lucia Rosales and Bessie Rocio are labor lawyers in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Ms. Rocio was formerly at the Ministry of Labor and now has her own private practice, and Ms. Rocio is currently in the legal counsel at the Ministry of Labor in San Pedro Sula. The lawyers discuss how the Ministry of Labor deals with workers’ claims.
Lynda Yanz Notes Audio
Magdalena Notes Video - Part 1 Video - Part 2 Video - Part 3 Audio
"Magdalena" is a maquila worker in Choloma, Honduras. Magdalena has two children and has worked in her current job since 2005. In this interview, "Magdalena" discusses her background, her weekly routine and her job. She describes the working conditions at her factory.
Margaret Levi Transcript Audio
Margaret Levi is the Bacharach Professor of International Studies in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington. She has been the co-chair of the Advisory Committee of Trademarks and Licensing for the University of Washington since the committee’s inception.
Mark Emmert Transcript Audio - Part 1 Audio - Part 2
At the time of this interview Mark Emmert was the President of the University of Washington (UW). In 2010, he left UW to become President of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). President Emmert discusses the UW’s response to the closure of the Visiontex and Hugger factories subcontracted by Nike.
Mike Powers Transcript Audio
Mike Powers is a senior director in University Communications at Cornell University. Powers works closely with the Collegiate Licensing Company on all Cornell licensing issues, including the use of the Cornell logo by campus groups. He discusses the course of action taken by Cornell in the cases of Nike and Russell.
Norm Arkans Audio
Phyllis Wise Transcript Audio
Phyllis Wise is Vice President and Chancellor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At the time of this interview, she was the Interim President and former Provost of the University of Washington. This interview focuses on her position on the Corporate Responsibility Committee of Nike’s Board of Directors.
Pinehurst Workers Notes Video - Part 1 Video - Part 2 Video - Part 3 Video - Part 4
Reyna Notes Audio Video
Reyna Dominguez is a young female worker from Honduras. She was forced to begin working in factories at age 14 out of desperation for money. She is the single mother of six children. She is organizing a union in the factory that she works, to help secure her rights as a worker.
Rosemary Notes Video Audio - Part 1 Audio - Part 2
"Rosemary" is female maquila worker in Choloma, Honduras. She is raising two daughters and lost her last job because she unionized. After nearly losing her job because of a false sexual assault accusation against her, "Rosemary" became a leading organizer in the fight to unionize her factory.
Scott Nova Transcript Video
Scott Nova is the Executive Director of the Workers’ Rights Consortium (WRC), an independent labor rights monitoring organization founded in 2000. The interview details the closing of Nike’s Hugger and Visiontex factories, and the WRC’s involvement in this case.
SITRAJERZEESH Notes Video - Part 1 Video - Part 2 Video - Part 3 Video - Part 4
SITRAJERZEESH is a union formed at the factory ’Jerzees Nuevo Dia’, owned by Russell Corporation. SITRAJERZEESH was formed after several American universities terminated contracts with Russell following allegations of labor violations committed by Russell infringing of the rights of workers to unionize. In this interview, representatives from SITRAJERZEESH discuss their battle with Russell, culminating in the formation of the union.
Tesla Callejas Audio
Victoriano Santerias Video