Interactive Technologies for Autism

Cover of Morgan & Claypool book "Interactive Technologies for Autism"Development, deployment, and evaluation of interactive technologies for individuals with autism have been rapidly increasing over the last decade. There is great promise for the use of these types of technologies to enrich interventions, facilitate communication, and support data collection. Emerging technologies in this area also have the potential to enhance assessment and diagnosis of individuals with autism, to understand the nature of autism, and to help researchers conduct basic and applied research. We wrote a book to provide an in-depth review of the historical and state-of-the-art use of technology by and for individuals with autism. The intention is to give readers a comprehensive background in order to understand what has been done and what promises and challenges lie ahead. By providing a classification scheme and general review, this book can also help technology designers and researchers better understand what technologies have been successful, what problems remain open, and where innovations can further address challenges and opportunities for individuals with autism and the variety of stakeholders connected to them.


Julie Kientz
Matthew Goodwin
Gillian Hayes
Gregory Abowd


  • Kientz, J. A., Goodwin, M. S., Hayes, G. R., & Abowd, G. D. (2013). Interactive technologies for autism. Synthesis lectures on assistive, rehabilitative, and health-preserving technologies, 2(2), 1-177.