Julie Kientz, Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Fellow

Laura Pina


Laura Pina, Research Associate


Ph.D. Students



Jared Bauer, Information School


John Porter


John Porter, Human Centered Design & Engineering




Alexis Hiniker, Human Centered Design & Engineering


Hyewon Suh


Hyewon Suh, Human Centered Design & Engineering


Kiley Sobel


Kiley Sobel, Human Centered Design & Engineering




Sean Mikles, Biomedical & Health Informatics




Arpita Bhattacharya, Human Centered Design & Engineering


Dawn Sakaguchi-Tang


Dawn Sakaguchi-Tang, Human Centered Design & Engineering

Graduated Ph.D. Students

Eun Kyoung Choe


Eun Kyoung Choe, Assistant Professor, Penn State University


Kyle Rector


Kyle Rector, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa


Matthew Kay


Matthew Kay, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan


Other Past Students & Collaborators

  • Cindy Bennett
  • Ross Bohner
  • Michael Brooks
  • Katie Derthick
  • Amanda Fonville
  • Alysse Gallo
  • Saba Kawas
  • Brian Landry
  • Nikki Lee
  • Natasha Noltimier-Strauss
  • Susan Oldham
  • Franklin Pearsall
  • Jonathan Schooler
  • Stephanie Smallman
  • Yi-Chen Sung

Interested in Joining the CHiLL Lab?

Our lab works with current University of Washington students of all levels from a variety of backgrounds. If you are a current UW student, the best way to get involved is to request to join Dr. Kientz’s current Directed Research Group (HCDE 496/596). Upon successful completion of research in that group, we can discuss opportunities for independent study or other ways to get involved.

Demand to work within our research lab is currently higher than we have space for, and thus we do not have opportunities at this time for non-student collaborators. If you are not yet a UW student, please first apply directly to the programs of the relevant departments, including Human Centered Design & Engineering, The Information School, and Computer Science & Engineering.