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Here is a digital archive of  articles published in the UW Daily and other local newspapers between 1968 and 1979 on  the Chicano Arts including Teatro del Piojo, Teatro Campesino, poetry, and painting (click the titles to read the articles).

Michael Schulze-Oechtering Castañeda created this database with help from Edgar Flores, Francesca Barajas, Chris Paredes, and Oscar Rosales Castañeda. These articles are courtesy of the UW Daily, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

9-May-68 Daily "Los Amigos" sponsor migrant labor group
9-Mar-71 Daily Chicano theater organizer speaks
11-May-71 Daily Teatro Chicano: Punto del Partida
11-May-71 Daily Teatro del Piojo
5-May-72 Daily Chicano events at the ECC
9-May-72 Daily Semana de la Raza
9-May-72 Daily The Chicano: Past and Present
9-May-72 Daily The Poetry of La Raza
23-Feb-73 Daily Teatro del Piojo, UW Chicanos give good performance
13-Apr-73 Daily Music of La Raza featured on KCMU
27-Apr-73 Daily MEChA to hold a Cinco de Mayo celebration
2-May-73 Daily Communication emphasized between campus and community
3-May-73 Daily Farm worker plans poetry reading at ethnic theater
4-May-73 Daily Schedule of events: Dia De Los Ninos
9-Nov-73 Daily Local poet to attend USC Chicano conference
2-Apr-74 Daily El Teatro Campesino (poster)
10-Apr-74 Daily El Teatro Campesino, rebirth of a people
26-Apr-74 Daily La Semana, Reflecciones de la Raza
11-Jul-74 Daily Chicanos at Monroe Reformatory
1-Aug-74 Daily Chicano experience in art at Henry Art Gallery
2-May-75 Daily Semana de la Raza: A celebration of Lucio Cananas
2-May-75 Daily Semana de la Raza: A celebration of Lucio Cananas (cont.)

April 2, 1974

April 10, 1974

July 11, 1974


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