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The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project is based at the University of Washington. It represents a unique collaboration involving community groups, UW faculty, and both undergraduate and graduate students. Funding for the project has been provided by the Simpson Center for the Humanities, the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, the Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, and the following University of Washington offices: the Office of Undergraduate Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of the Provost, UW-IT Learning Technologies. In addition we gratefully acknowledge support from 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund.  

Toni Morrison turned to the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project when researchinng her latest novel, Home, about a Korean War veteran who spends time in a Seattle hospital then returns to his native Georgia. Since 2007, the Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects have logged more than 6 million page views. Below are some of the articles, reviews, radio, and TV programs about this project.


Director: James N. Gregory (Bio)

Co-founder and Project Coordinator: Trevor Griffey (Bio)

Associate Editors:
Kevin McKenna (2014-2016)
Josue Estrada (2014)
Eleanor Mahoney (2012)
Michael Aguirre (2011)
Steve Beda (2007-2009)
Jessie Kindig (2008-2009)
Daren Salter (2006-2009)
Michael Schulze-Oechtering (2006-2009)
Maria Quintana (2009)
Nathan Roberts (2006)
Alex Morrow (2005)

Teacher Outreach Coordinator: Teresa Frizell

Films: Shaun Scott

Section Coordinators:
Janet Jones (Black Panther Party)
Oscar Rosales Castenada and Maria Quintana (Farm Workers)
Teresa Brownwolf Powers (Urban Indians)
Oscar Rosales Castenada and Michael Schulze-Oechtering           Castaneda (Chicano Movement)

Carolyn Lind (Restrictive Covenants)
Kevin McKenna (LGBTQ Activism)

Web Architect:  Peter Leonard

Technical Assistance:  Micah Ellison, Brian Grijalva, Doug Herstad, Jason Smith, Jason Grills


Nancy Beadie - Education, UW Seattle
Enrique Bonus - American Ethnic Studies, UW Seattle
Rashmi Bali Chilka - independent scholar

Erasmo Gamboa - American Ethnic Studies, UW Seattle
Alexandra Harmon - American Indian Studies, UW Seattle

Michael Honey - Liberal Studies, UW Tacoma
Moon Ho Jung -
History, UW Seattle
Lorraine McConaghy - Seattle Museum of History and Industry
Vicente Rafael - History, UW Seattle
Quintard Taylor - History, UW Seattle

News coverage about the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project and its Impact

The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project has been in the news since its launch in 2005. Here are links to more than two dozen newspaper articles, journal articles, television reports, and radio broadcasts about the project and about its impact on public education. [more]


On March 15,  2006, Gov. Christine Gregoire signed into law Senate Bill 6169, which makes it easier for neighborhoods governed by homeowners associations to rid themselves of racial restrictive covenants. Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, introduced the measure after this project focused attention on the lingering effects of these covenants.  Click here to read about the project and how it changed state law. [more]


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CONTRIBUTORS: Authors, Researchers, and Interviewers

Lossom Allen
Roberto Alvizo
Christy Avery
Morgan Banks
Francesca Barajas
Cristal  Barragan
Doug Blair
Rachael Blanchard
Jonathan Brooks
Fred Brown
Jamie Brown
Lucy Burnett
Oscar Rosales Castenada
Pauline Chardoul-Sutter
Angelita Chavez
Gabriel Chrisman
Brooke Clarke
Luke Colasurdo
Craig Collisson
Kelly Connors
Gabriel Chrisman
Kristin Dimick

Micah Ellison
Meg Elston
Sarah Falconer
Edgar Flores
Crystal Fresco
Tikia Gilbert
Trevor Goodloe
Michelle Goshorn
Nicole Grant
Rebecca Gray
Brooklyn Gregorich
Rachel Gregory
Susan Griffith
Brian Grijalva
Stacey Jagels
Stephanie Johnson
Laurie Johnstonbaugh
Janet Jones
Timothy Kilgren
Breeann Larios
Anne Levine
Carolyn Lind

Eric Luthy
Dien Luu
Mark Mabanag
Doug Marcoux
Kate Marshall
Heather McKimmie
Sarah Miner
Mark Morzol
Nichole Murray
Tracie Newbins
Karen Oliver
Rod Palmquist
Christopher Paredes
Lindsay Park
Monica Perez
Johanna Phillips
Shelley Pinckney
Erin Plummer
Teresa Brownwolf Powers
Amber Price
Carrie Reynolds
Marc Robinson
Nathan Rodke
Catherine Roth
Michael Schulze-Oechtering
Chad Seabury
Kurt Schaefer
Shaun Scott
Allison Shephard
Catherine Silva
Jeremy Simer
Karen Smith
Rachel Smith
Jennifer Speidel
Rache Stotts-Johnson
Grace Taylor
Jennifer Taylor
Stephanie Teatro
Leonard Totev
Marco Vargas
Sharon Walker
Sharae Wheeler
Jon Wright

CONTRIBUTORS: Oral Histories

Pedro Acevez
Jean Adams
John. H. Adams
Emilio Aguayo
Yolanda Alaniz
Belle Alexander
Kenyatto Amen-Allah
Teresa Aragon
Ramona Bennett
Phil Bereano
Willard Bill
Juan Jose Bocanegra
Marsha Botzer
Katherine Bullitt
Tim Burak
Vivian Caver
Ron Chew
Doug Chin
Mark Cook
Dorothy Cordova
Fred Cordova
Megan Cornish
David Della
Antonio Diaz
Aaron Dixon

Elmer Dixon
Michael Dixon
Cindy Domingo
Lynn Domingo
Nemesio Domingo
Heidi Durham
Jake Fiddler
Michael Fox
Sydney Gallegos
Erasmo Gamboa
Guadelupe Gamboa
Rosalinda Guillen
Larry Gossett
Richard Gurtiza
Phyllis Guttierez Kenney
Todd Hawkins
Phil Hayasaka
Dorothy Hollingsworth
Leon Hobbs
Walter Hubbard
Francisco Irigon
Charles V. Johnson
Doug Johnson
Ron Johnson
Charles Kato

Ivan King
Herman Lanier
Janet Lewis
Randy Lewis
Mike Lowry
Sharon Maeda
Roberto Maestas
B.J. Mangaoang
Blanca Martinez
Frank Martinez
Ricardo Martinez
Larry Matsuda
Samuel McKinney
Lyle Mercer
Carmen Miranda
Mike Murray
Lonnie Nelson
Garry Owens
Blair Paul
Jean Raymond
Lawney Reyes
Rogelio Riojas
Jesus Rodriguez
Oscar Rosales
Rebecca Saldana

Ricardo Sanchez
Julia Sandoval
Tomas Sandoval
Bob Santos
Beverly Sims
Fred Simmons
Joan Singler
Charles Z. Smith
Alan Sugiyama
Mike Tagawa
Wes Uhlman
Bettylou Valentine
Janice Van Cleve
Velma Veloria
Tomas Villanueva
Sarah Welch
Marion West
Bobby White
Alvin Whitaker
Shamseddin Williams
Barbara Winslow
Roger Winters
Michael Woo
John Yates

CONTRIBUTORS: Photo and Document Collections

Oscar Rosales Castañeda: Chicano Murals photos
Aaron Dixon: Black Panther Party photos
Walter Hubbard: Catholic Northwest Progress civil rights photos
Y.K. Kuniyuki: International District preservation photos
Fred Lonidier: Black Panther Party photos
Larry Matsuda: Asian Coalition for Equality newsletter

Jesus Rodriguez: Chicano Movement photos and documents
Alan Sugiyama: Asian American Movement documents and photos
Eugene Tagawa: Black Panther Party and Asian American Movement photos
Mike Tagawa: Black Panther Party documents
Ben Yorita: Oriental Student Union Sit-in photos


Many community organizations are contributing to this project. Special thanks to the following: LELO (Legacy of Equality Leadership and Organizing) which shared the interviews, pictures, publications, and documents that comprise the United Construction Workers unit of this project. The Filipino American National Historical Society, which shared the photos and other materials that appear in the Cannery Workers Union pages. Members of the Seattle Black Panther Party Legacy Committee who agreed to be interviewed and shared photographs. MEChA de UW which shared photos and documents and whose members are responsible for much of the Chicano Movement in Washington State History Project.


Many of the pictures on these pages belong to Seattle's Museum of History and Industry and University of Washington Library's Special Collections Division. UW librarians Conor Casey, Theresa Mudrock, Glenda Pearson, Carla Rickerson have contributed greatly to this project. Theresa Mudrock designed the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project brochure.


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The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project has been profiled in newspapers, on television and radio, and in academic publications. Here are articles and links.


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The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project is one of the Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects directed by Professor James Gregory.

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