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 Farmworkers and Grape Boycott

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Chicano activists made news as well as history. Here is a month-by-month digital archive of more than 250 articles published in the UW Daily and other local newspapers between 1968 and 1979 (click the titles to read the articles).

Michael Schulze-Oechtering Castañeda created this database with help from Edgar Flores, Francesca Barajas, Chris Paredes, and Oscar Rosales Castañeda. These articles are courtesy of the UW Daily, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

9-May-68 Daily "Los Amigos" sponsor migrant labor group
7-Aug-68 Daily UW law students research migrant cases
10-Jan-69 Daily Grape growers, boycott supporters to clash
14-Jan-69 Daily Grape growers clash with boycott leaders over wages, strikes
16-Jan-69 Daily Devil's Advocate (to boycott)
17-Jan-69 Daily Protest flares over grapes on HUB lawn
21-Jan-69 Daily Student Assembly to vote on grapes
21-Jan-69 Daily Group grapples over grapes
22-Jan-69 Daily Mexican-Americans tell opposition to grapes
23-Jan-69 Daily HUB advisory board heres grape hassle
23-Jan-69 Daily Student assembly, grape strike supported
28-Jan-69 Daily Administration rules free grape sales
29-Jan-69 Daily Opinion (on picketing)
29-Jan-69 Daily Grape picket line planned
30-Jan-69 Daily HUB sales down in boycott
31-Jan-69 Daily BOC hits administration for HUB grape decision
31-Jan-69 Daily HUB sales still fall lower
5-Feb-69 Daily Boycotters ask decision from president Odegaard
6-Feb-69 Daily HUB board recommends stoppage of grape sales
7-Feb-69 Daily Odegaard: Individual grape decision favored
11-Feb-69 Daily Boycott enters statistical phase, moratorium set
14-Feb-69 Daily Safeway boycott aim
25-Feb-69 Daily SDS ejects United Fruit Rep.
4-Apr-69 Daily Boycotters begin campaign against safeway grapes
8-Apr-69 Daily Hearings resume today regarding SDS officer
8-Apr-69 Daily Hearings resume today regarding SDS officer (cont.)
2-May-69 Daily An executive's defense of United Fruit
8-May-69 Daily UFW to continue protest
9-May-69 Daily "Boycott day" to target safeway
13-May-69 Daily Grape boycotters 80 strong at safeway
30-Sep-69 Daily Grape boycott will continue
8-Oct-69 Daily Boycotters stage march on U Villiage QFC
14-Oct-69 Daily Boycotters march to QFC
17-Oct-69 Daily Managers face boycotters
24-Oct-69 Daily Anti-grape campaign not dead
28-Oct-69 Daily Boycott hits three stores
21-Nov-69 Daily Conservative Analysis: Grape gripe
3-Dec-69 Daily Cesar Chavez here Dec. 19
9-Dec-69 Daily Farmworkers suffer from pesticides
10-Dec-69 Daily Chavez -  Dec. 19
20-Jan-70 Daily MEChA, campus and community involvement
20-Feb-70 Daily Grape Boycott Conspiracy
20-Feb-70 Daily Grape Boycott Conspiracy (cont.)
24-Apr-70 Daily Today in HUB Delano Story told
28-May-70 Daily Grape Boycotters want U to Fast
19-Nov-70 Daily UFW union to picket Dow Co.
2-Dec Daily UFW gets small audience
5-Mar-71 Daily Oppression of female farm workers
11-May-71 Daily UFW in Yakima Valley
11-May-71 Daily Dorms vote on lettuce today
4-May-72 Daily MEChA opens boycott on rainer bottling company
9-May-72 Daily Farmworkers win - boycott injunction killed
9-May-72 Daily UFWOC in the Yakima Valley
5-Jan-73 Daily El Centro Lettuce Boycott Effort Starts
1-May-73 Daily Farmworkers, struggle for self-detirmination 
3-May-73 Daily Farm worker plans poetry reading at ethnic theater
29-Nov-73 Daily Down on Boone's Farm: a Gallo labor strike
7-Dec-73 Daily The Grapes of Wrath '73
21-Feb-74 Daily UFW sympathizers to picket at UW
15-Mar-74 Daily UFW organizers awaits UW's lettuce policy
9-May-74 Daily Cesar Chavez comes to campus
15-May-74 Daily Cesar Chavez, no violence is real power
16-May-74 Daily Chavez does not represent farmworkers, HUB audience told
16-May-74 Daily Analysis: Mendoza, UFW contradictions
8-Aug-74 Daily UFW boycotts QFC
5-Dec-74 Daily The UFW
5-Dec-74 Daily Cesar Chavez
5-Dec-74 Daily A significant summer for farmworkers struggling in a union that is not dead
30-May-75 Daily UFW boycott still on
8-Oct-75 Daily UFW, teamsters trade accusations
29-Oct-75 Daily UFW leader speaks on elections
31-Oct-75 Daily UFW organizer urges boycott to equalize elections
6-May-76 Daily Priest, UFW organizer push farm/worker rights

Jan 23, 1969

May 1, 1973

April 2, 1974

April 10, 1974

July 11, 1974

May 15, 1975


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