Appendix: Referendum 20 Roll Call
Senate and House Votes ,
1970 Special Legislative Session

by Angie Weiss

These tables accompany Washington’s 1970 Abortion Rights Victory: The Referendum 20 Campaign. Compiled from the Senate Journal and House Journal they show how each member of the legislature voted on SB 68, the measure that sent Referendum 20 to the voters in 1970. The color coding makes interpretation easy. Green and bright red are reserved for King County legislators, green signifying yes, red no. Purple and blue are for yes votes from other counties, purple for Republicans voting yes, blue for Democrats. Black signifies a no vote from a member of either party outside of King County.

It is quickly apparent that this was a bi-partisan measure. Throughout the state Republicans and Democrats split both the yes and no votes. In King County, which fielded more legislators by far than any other county, Republicans were more likely than Democrats to support the abortion reform measure.

From Evernote:

1970 Senate Roster (Senate Journal, Appendix, 576-581)

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Senator District/Countie(s) Party SB 68 Vote
Andersen, James A 48 (King, Snohomish) R Y
Atwood, R. Frank 42 (Whatcom) R Y
Bailey, Robert C. 19 (Grays Harbor, part Pacific) D Y
Canfield, Damon R. 33 (part King) R N
Connor, Frank T. 5 (part Spokane) D N
Cooney, John L. 5 (part Spokane) D N
Day, William S. 4 (part Spokane) D N
Donohue, Hubert F 11 (Asotin-Colummbia, Garfield, Walla Walla) D Y
Dore, Fred H. 37 (part King) D N
Durkan, Martin J. 47 (part King) D N
Elicker, Charles W. 10 (Island-Kitsap) R Y
Faulk, Lawrence John 26 (part Pierce) R N
Foley, Frank W. 49 (part Clark) D N
Francis, Peter D. 32 (part King) D Y
Gissberg, William A. 39 (part Snohomish) D N
Greive, R. R. Bob 34 (part King) D N
Guess, Sam C. 6 (part Spokane) R N
Henry, Al 17 (Clark, part Klickitat, Skamania) D Y
Herr, Gordon 31 (part King) D N
Holman, Francis E. 1 (part King) R Y
Huntley, Elmer C. 9 (Adams, Lincoln, Whitman) R N
Keefe, James Edward 3 (part Spokane) D N
Knoblauch, Reuben A. 25 (part Pierce) D N
Lewis, Brian J. 41 (part King) R Y
McCormack, Mike 16 (Benton, part Franklin) D Y
McCutcheon, John T. 29 (part Pierce) D N
McDougall, Bob 12 (Chelan, Douglas) R Y
Mardeisch, August P. 38 (part Snohomish) D N
Marquardt, R. G., "Dick" 45 (part King) R N
Matson, Jim 14 (part Yakima) R N
Metcalf, Jack 21 (part Snohomish) R Y
Newschwander, Charles E. 28 (part Pierce) R Y
Odegaard, Gary M. 20 (Lewis, part Grays Harbor) D Y
Peterson, Lowell 40 (San Juan, Skagit) D Y
Peterson, Ted G. 44 (part King) R Y
Pritchard, Joel M. 36 (part King) R Y
Ridder, Robert C. (Bob) 35 (part King) D N
Ryder, John N. 46 (part King) R Y
Sandison, Gordon 24 (Clallam, Jefferson, Mason) D N
Stender, John H. 30 (part King) R Y
Stortini, Joe 27 (part Pierce) D Y
Talley, Don L. 18 (Cowlitz, Wahkiakum) D N
Twigg, Robert W. 7 (part Spokane) R N
Walgren, Gordon L. 23 (part Kitsap) D Y
Washington, Nat W. 13 (Grant, Kittitas) D Y
Williams, Walter R. 43 (part King) R Y
Wilson, Bruce A. 2 (Ferry, Okanogan, Stevens, Pend Oreille) D Y
Woodall, Perry B. 15 (part Yakima) R (Excused)
Lieutenant Governor Cherberg, John A.


From Evernote:

1970 House Roster (Appendix, Page 527-535)

Rep. District/County(ies) Party SB 68 Vote
Ackley, Norman B 31 (part King) D Y
Adams, A 26 (part Pierce) D Y
Amen, Otto 19 (Lincoln, Adams) R Y
Anderson, Eric O 19 (Pacific, part Grays Harbor) D Y
Backstrom, Henry 39 (part Snohomish) D N
Bagnariol, John 35 (part King) D N
Barden, Paul 30 (part King) R N
Beck, C.W. "Red" 23 (part Kitsap) D Y
Benitz, Max E "8B" (part Benton) R N
Berentson, Duane L 40 (San Juan, Skagit) R Y
Bledsoe, Stewart 13 (Grant, Kittitas) R Y
Bluechel, Alan 1 (part King) R Y
Bottiger, R. Ted 29 (part Pierce) D N
Bozarth, Horace W 12 (Chelan, Douglas) D N
Brouillet, Frank B 25 (part Pierce) D Y
Brown, Arthur C 1 (part King) R Y
Ceccarelli, Dave 34 (part King) D N
Chapin, Richard U 48 (part King, part Snohomish) R Y
Charette, Robert L 19 (Pacific, part Grays Harbor) D Y
Chatalas, William "Bill"
33 (part King) D Y
Clark, Newman H 43 (part King) R Y
Clarke, George W 41 (part King) R Y
Conner, Paul H 24 (Clallam, Mason, Jefferson) D Y
Conway, Floyd 22 (Thurston) R N
Copeland, Thomas L "11B" (part Walla Walla) R Y
Cunningham, Norwood 30 (part King) R Y
Curtis, Robert "Bob" 12 (Chelan, Douglas) R N
DeJarnatt, Arlie U 18 (Cowlitz, Wahkiakum) D Y
Eldrige, Don 40 (San Juan, Skagit) R N
Evans, Charles E "16A" 16 (Benton, part Franklin) (?) R N
Farr, Dr. Caswell J 42 (Whatcom) R Y
Flanagan, S E "Sid" 13 (Grant, Kittitas) R N
Fleming, George 37 (part King) D Absent
Gallagher, P J "Jim" 29 (part Pierce) D N
Gladder, Carlton A 7 (part Spokane) R N
Goldsworthy, Robert S "9A"(Whitman) R Y
Grant, Gary 47 (part King) D N
Harris, Edward F 7 (Spokane) R N
Hatfield, Chet 14 (Yakima) R Y
Haussler, Joe D "2A" (Okanogan) D Y
Hawley, Dwight S 44 (Part King) R Y
Hoggins, Dale E 21 (Snohomish) R Y
Hubbard, Vaughn "11A" (Asotin, Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield) R Y
Hurley, Mrs. Joseph E 3 (Spokane) D N
Jastad, Elmer 20 (Lewis, Grays Harbor) D Y
Jolly, Dan "16B" (Franklin) D N
Jueling, Helmut 28 (part Pierce) R Y
Julin, Axel C 41 (part King) R Y
Kalich, Hugh "Rod" 20 (Lewis, part Grays Harbor) D Y
King, Richard A 28 (part Snohomish) D Y
Kink, Dick J 42 (Whatcom) D Y
Kirk, Gladys (woman) 36 (part King) R Y
Kiskaddon, Bill 21 (part Snohomish) R Y
Kopet, Jerry C 6 (Spokane) R N
Kuehnle, James P 4 (part Spokane) R N
Leckenby William S 31 (part King) R Y
Leland, Alfred E 48 (part King, part Snohomish) R Y
Litchman, Mark 45 (part King) D N
Lynch, Marjorie W 14 (Yakima) R Y
Mahaffey, Audley F 46 (part King) R Y
Marsh, Daniel G 49 (part Clark) D N
Martinis, John 38 (part Snohomish) D N
Marzano, Frank 27 (part Pierce) D N
May, William J. S. "Bill" 3 (part Spokane) D N
McCaffree, Mary Ellen 32A (part King) R Y
McCormick, Geraldine 5A (part Spokane) D N
Mentor, Joe 10 (Island, part Kitsap) R Y
Merrill, John 35 (part King) D N
Moon, Charles 39 (part Snohomish) D Y
Morrison, Sid W 15 (part Yakima) R N
Murray, John S 36 (part King) R Y
Newhouse, Irving 8A (part Yakima) R N
North, Lois 10R (part King) D Y
O'Brien, John L 33 (part King) R N
O'Dell, Robert W 17 (part Klikitat, Skamania, part Clark) R Y
Pardini, A. J. 6 (part Spokane) R Y
Perry, Robert A 45 (part King) D Absent
Randall, Dr. Robert W 23 (part Kitsap) D Y
Richardson, Gordon W 4 (part Spokane) R N
Rosellini, John M 34 (part King) D Y
Saling, Gerald L 5B (part Spokane) R Y
Savage, Charles R 24 (Clallam, Mason, Jefferson) D Y
Sawer, Leonard A 25 (part Pierce) D Y
Schumaker, William "Bill" 2B (Pend Oreille, Stevens, Ferry) R N
Scott, George W 46 (part King) R Y
Shera, Ned 28 (part Pierce) R Y
Shinpoch, Albert N. "Bud" 47 (part King) D Y
Smythe, Richard L 49 (part Clark) R Y
Spanton, Keith J 15 (part Yakima) R Absent
Sprague, David G 37 (part King) D Y
Swayze, Jr. Thomas A 26 (part Pierce) R Y
Thompson, Alan 18 (Cowlitz, Wahkaiakum) D Y
Veroske, Fred A 42 (Whatcom) R Absent
Wanamaker, F. Pat 10 (Island, part Kitsap) R Y
Whetzel, Jonathan 43 (part King) R
Williams, Alvin C 32B (part King) D
Wojahn, Lorraine 27 (part Pierce) D
Wolf, Hal 22 (Thurston) R N
Zimmerman, Harold 17 (Klikitat, Skamania, part Clark) R

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