For Teachers

"Causes of Conflict": Classroom-Based Assessment
Targeted Age: High School
Targeted Time Period: five 90-minute blocks

created by Teresa Frizell

The Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History website offers an excellent set of resources to use with the OSPI “Causes of Conflict” CBA. Because the purpose of the CBA is to analyze sources--not to collect them--our website is an excellent gateway for oral histories, primary source documents, and secondary source essays for students to use in developing their persuasive paper. Additionally, the novel format of oral histories will help students become and remain engaged.

This lesson plan fulfills the requirement for the state-mandated Classroom Based Assessment. We guide teachers and students through the “Causes of Conflict” CBA using the oral histories, historical photographs, and primary and secondary sources found on our site. With our site as a gateway to these resources, along with worksheets for the students, the CBA becomes a manageable and enjoyable student-led research project.

Please note that students need access to PC computers in order to view our oral histories which are in windows media format.

Teacher Material

Lesson Plan in downloadable Word format

State guidelines: "Causes of Conflict" CBA (pdf)

Seattle Civil Rights History: Movement and Milestones (powerpoint with images and video)


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