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Town Meeting: The School Boycott of 1966
Targeted Level: high school History, Leadership, or Government classes
Targeted Time Period: two 90-minute Block

created by Stacey Joyce, M.Ed.

Objective: This lesson plan allows students to take on the role of a stakeholder in the community debate that occurred in Seattle over segregation in public schools during the 1950s and 1960s. The lesson uses the basic “town meeting” format to help students better understand the issue of segregation in schools and one form of protest local civil rights groups took to create change in their community. Also, the lesson is designed to expose students to the various dimensions involved in one particular form of protest, a boycott. The point of the exercise is not the vote that takes place at the end, but the critical thinking and communication that happen along the way.

Teacher Material

Lesson Plan in downloadable Word format

"Seattle's Segregation Story" a powerpoint slide show

Data tables on school segregation in Seattle

Grading Rubric

Background information::


Student Material

Preparation for town meeting

Conducting the town meeting

Excerpt from Quintard Taylor, "The Civil Rights Movement in the American West," Journal of Negro History (1995)

"Seattle Civil Rights Groups Feel Boycott Only Way Left to End Segregation" CACRC leaflet

"Fact Sheet on the Schools" CACRC flyer


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