Available Positions

Strong candidates will apply for scholarships/fellowships to support their research. A partial list of applicable programs can be found here.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We are always pleased to consider outstanding postdoctoral candidates, though we are not seeking anyone for specific projects at the present time. For our current research interests see our Research and Publications pages.

Please send your CV in the body of an email (attachments will not be opened) and have three letters of reference sent to Valerie Daggett at daggett@uw.edu.

Graduate Students

We are currently accepting students. Please contact the relevant department and/or program (see More Links for departments and programs with which we are associated). We cannot admit students directly to the lab; you must first be accepted by a department or interdisciplinary program.

Undergraduate Students

Please send a letter explaining what you would be interested in doing in our group and include information about relevant coursework and any past research experience in your cover letter. Also, please include your transcript (an unofficial version is okay) and resume.

Undergrads interested in conducting research over the summer will only be considered through established UW programs. We do not accept short-term international interns who are not affiliated with a UW program.

Updated August 2018