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May 19, 2014

Server Maintenance – 2014-05-20

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UPDATE 11:27: the vendor informs me that “mobile print” services should not have experienced any interruption due to the current difficulties. We continue to work towards resolving this to provide maximum capacity but all user complications should have been resolved as of 8:37

UPDATE: 9:19: Regular printing operations work normally, but there continues to be a problem isolated to “mobile print” users on selected release stations. We’ve contacted the vendor and will repair this functionality shortly. Thank you for your patience as we continue to beta test the mobile print service.

UPDATE: 8:37: an unexpected service failure left several labs without DawgPrints service. The service has been fixed and the lab’s report working connectivity. Thank you for your patience in this

UPDATE 8:07: both print servers are set. Please notify us at uwcshelp@uw.edu if you experience any issues.

Note that all release stations will experience a delayed swipe-to-login for the first login only

UPDATE 8:01: the primary print server is up and running. All library print stations should be working.

There was a minor hiccup with the secondary print server and we’re restarting it again. It should be up within 5 minutes

UPDATE: Maintenance has began

We’ll be bringing the DawgPrints servers down briefly on Tuesday May 20th for some brief maintenance

We expect to start around 7:45 AM and downtime should last less than 15 minutes.

Note that all release stations will experience a delayed swipe-to-login for the first login only after this maintenance occurs.

We will update this post tomorrow morning both before and after the maintenance.

Please email us at uwcshelp@uw.edu if you have any questions or concerns,

-DawgPrints Team

May 12, 2014

Billing plugin issues

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UPDATE 3:58 – print services are restarted and the billing plug-in issue should be resolved. PLEASE NOTE that the very first time a card is swiped there will be a message about re-connecting to either BORIS or NATASHA. This is normal and caused by the system maintenance we just performed. Subsequent swipes should work as one would expect.

We’ve received several reports of issues with the billing plug-in.

We’re going to bring the print servers down momentarily (~3:50) in an attempt to fix. We’ll update this blog soon.

-DawgPrints Team

April 23, 2014

Notice: brief downtime Thursday 24 April

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We’ll be restarting the DawgPrints servers briefly tomorrow (24 April) around 7:45 AM. Downtime should be no longer than 10 minutes.

8:47 UPDATE: unfortunately we will need to once again restart a single DawgPrints server. Downtime should be less than 5 minutes and have minor effect.

8:50 UPDATE: all servers are online and services are started. Please note some lab locations may take a moment to re-establish a connection with BORIS. This is expected to occur *once* for the first user of a station and not subsequently.

April 17, 2014

Billing issues

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We’ve received several reports of issues with swiping cards. Users report an error message

“billing plug-in returned no results”

Reports indicate this is a periodic problem and that some (but not most) payments successfully process.

We’re looking into this now.

If you have anything to report in addition to the above information please contact us at uwcshelp@uw.edu

12:35 – UPDATE we’ve begun a support call with the vendor. Will update this shortly

2:13 – UPDATE the support call continues. We have not given up

3:57 – UPDATE the vendor suspects this may be an underlying problem with the OS. We’ll be taking the servers offline momentarily for a few minutes

4:27 – UPDATE we’re at a working state now. PLEASE NOTE that all release stations will *appear* to time out on the first swipe. During this time the release station is re-conencting to the print servers. Subsequent swipes should behave normally.

The vendor will continue to work towards determining the root cause of this, and we will be checking uwcshelp@uw.edu overnight to ensure repeated outages do not occur.

April 1, 2014

RESOLVED: NetID issues

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UPDATE: UW-IT reports weblogin issues were resolved at 11:45 AM.

UW-IT is in the midst of resolving some issues with weblogin. During this time scan to email users may experience delays when authenticating.

To get the most updated status of this issue see the UW-IT Outages page

Server Restarts

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An unexpected need to reboot all Dawg Prints related servers has just come to our attention. You may experience a brief service outage as the servers restart. I would not expect the outage to be longer than 10 minutes starting at 6:05 AM on 4/1. Please contact uwcshelp@uw if you are experiencing Dawg Prints related issues after 6:15 am.

Thanks for your patience.


March 24, 2014

RESOLVED: Server Upgrade

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UPDATE: (8 AM): We fixed the problem and confirmed no further issues with the libraries. No additional complaints were registered overnight so this is resolved.

UPDATE (11:40 AM): We’ve several reports of a “System cannot find specified file” error at the release stations and are working on it now.

UPDATE: We have successfully upgraded the print servers. If there are any problems, slow downs, etc please let us know.

UPDATE: We have resolved some issues with the first print server we migrated. We are now switching over the main print server for the libraries. I except a downtime of less then 5 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience!


We are moving to upgrade our print servers this morning. We expect a short outage that will last at most 30 minutes before printing is resumed. If you experience long lasting issues please let us know!

March 20, 2014

Scan Station Email Issues

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We are currently experiencing issues where users can’t log in to the email function at the scan stations. UW IT is having issues with their servers and are working on the issue. We will update this post when anything changes.

Update: we haven’t heard anything official but locations report that email appears to be working normally again. For the moment assume the Scan Stations work as expected.

UPDATE: MobilePrint – update

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We’re going to take MobilePrint offline for a few minutes to update some related components. This will not effect regular DawgPrints service in any library or computer lab.

UPDATE: MobilePrint is now back online.

March 12, 2014

Station Update: Results

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The update to the dawgprints stations that was applied last night was successful. I am noticing that there are many print stations that are reporting offline. Everything should work again if you turn on the computer. If you experience any problems please let us know at uwcshelp@uw.edu


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