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University of Washington’s Disability and D/deaf Cultural Center

D Center Logo, Dark purple capital letter D and C on the left side. "Disability Center" is below the capital letter D and C. On the right side, there are two lines: the first line is "THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON", and the second line is "DISABILITY AND d/DEAF CULTURAL CENTER"

The D Center is UW’s Disability and d/Deaf Cultural center, recently relocated to the Husky Union Building – Room 327, where students can study, organize, rest, or hang out with fellow students and other community members.

Throughout the year the D Center host events and workshops focusing on social justice and activism. Our space is accessible to mobility aids, low lights, and scent free.


Black Disabled Lives Matter
Statement from the D Center

Black disabled people have been at the forefront of the disability and racial justice movements but historically ignored, silenced and co-opted by white disabled organizations and activists. White supremacy is intrinsically linked with ableism and manifests two fold in the lived realities of black disabled people and embedded in all social systems of power. Black disabled people have been exponentially affected by systemic violence from police, institutions of incarceration and the criminalization of mental illness. As identified by the central tenants of Disability Justice, developed by Patty Berne, Sins Invalid and many other disabled activists of color:  “Disabled people of the global majority — black and brown people — share common ground confronting and subverting colonial powers in our struggle for life and justice. There has always been resistance to all forms of oppression, as we know through our bones that there have simultaneously been disabled people visioning a world where we flourish, that values and celebrates us in all our myriad beauty.” 

The D Center remains committed to amplifying black and brown disabled activists, experiences and perspectives and fighting systemic racism and ableism. 

#DisabledBlackLivesMatter #D/deafBlackLivesMatter #WeWillFlourish



The D Center is closed for UW Spring Quarter 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of the Husky Union Building (HUB).

However, we are pleased to be offering online communication and events! The DC staff is busy gathering important resources and planning interactive online events. Please sign up for our e-newsletter HERE and follow us on Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram to be informed of the latest from our team.

Now more than ever connecting disability communities at the UW and beyond is vital to ensuring every community member is valued and supported. Please join our community!

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Monday – Friday 10AM – 3PM * Closed

D Center Virtual Office Hours: Mondays 1-2 pm (PST).  Click here to join the meeting room in Zoom, the password is 028138.

Meeting ID: 946 9153 3965
Password: 028138

The last day of office hours in the Spring quarter of 2020 is on Monday, June 1st.


Husky Union Building Room 327 (3rd Floor)

Take the elevators directly across from the main HUB reception to the third floor. Go straight from the elevators and take a slight right when you reach the hall. The D Center is on the left.

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UW Announces Hybrid Fall Quarter 2020

UW has committed to a hybrid Fall 2020 School Quarter. UW President Ana Mari Cauce states in her June 29, 2020 message

“Students who choose not to return to campus, such as for health reasons or difficulty traveling, will be able to continue their academic progress through remote instruction.”

Please read the full message HERE
UW Covid-19 Resources for Students 
We will share all details as we learn them

Autumn Quarter and COVID-19 Admissions FAQs: