D Center

University of Washington’s Disability and D/deaf Cultural Center

D Center Logo, Dark purple capital letter D and C on the left side. "Disability Center" is below the capital letter D and C. On the right side, there are two lines: the first line is "THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON", and the second line is "DISABILITY AND d/DEAF CULTURAL CENTER"

The D Center is UW’s Disability and d/Deaf Cultural center, located in the Husky Union Building – Room 327, a space where students can study, organize, rest and attend events and programs focusing on supporting and celebrating disability and D/deaf communities at the UW and beyond!

Throughout the year the D Center hosts events, programs and workshops focusing on supporting and celebrating UW disability and D/deaf communities. 

We Are Open!


Monday – Thursday

11am – 3pm


11:30 am – 1 pm

We are so thrilled to be able to welcome all to our space!


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In 2021/22 the DC will have the following focus:

  • Reconnect (virtually and in person!)

  • Foster and celebrate our communities resilience while acknowledging the ongoing loss, change and trauma of living with COVID-19

  • Celebrate Disability and D/deaf Pride at the UW!



The DC will be adhering to all rules and policies as set out by the HUB.

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