D Center

Research Policy

The D Center Research Request Policy

The D Center has the following policy in regards to requests for participants and
support in UW research projects. While we support and celebrate research on
disability and D/deafness, we are also committed to challenging research
practices which have historically marginalized and ‘othered’ disabled and D/deaf
people. As a result here is a list of the options we provide for supporting research

  • We will allow students, faculty and groups to post flyers requesting research
    participants in the D Center, provided non-oppressive language is used in the
    request. We will also post the flyers in text readable format on our FaceBook
  • We will not allow students, faculty or group representatives to come into the D
    Center with the purpose of asking community members if they will be a part of
    their research project.
  • We will not send out specific emails to our list serve for research projects, but
    time permitted, may be able to provide a brief summary and contact person in
    our monthly e-newsletter.
  • The D Center staff will not provide references or resources for students looking
    for research participants, nor will we design and print flyers*.
    *If a student is off campus and unable to come in we will offer to print up to 3 copies of a
    completed flyer and put up in the D Center space.

For any further questions please email dcenter@uw.edu