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Black Lives Matter

Statement from the D Center

Black disabled people have been at the forefront of the disability and racial justice movements but historically ignored, silenced and co-opted by white disabled organizations and activists. White supremacy is intrinsically linked with ableism and manifests two fold in the lived realities of black disabled people and embedded in all social systems of power. Black disabled people have been exponentially affected by systemic violence from police, institutions of incarceration and the criminalization of mental illness. As identified by the central tenants of Disability Justice, developed by Patty Berne, Sins Invalid and many other disabled activists of color:  “Disabled people of the global majority — black and brown people — share common ground confronting and subverting colonial powers in our struggle for life and justice. There has always been resistance to all forms of oppression, as we know through our bones that there have simultaneously been disabled people visioning a world where we flourish, that values and celebrates us in all our myriad beauty.” 

The D Center remains committed to amplifying black and brown disabled activists, experiences and perspectives and fighting systemic racism and ableism. 

 Links to Black organizations fighting for racial justice:

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‘Black Disabled Lives Matter’ is in white writing.

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