Coordinators of the D Center

Quentin Emrys DaviesFinancial and Operations Coordinator: Quentin Emrys Davies

(Text description of the picture: Quentin is posing for a picture, with a snow-covered mountain and forest in the background.)

Quentin Emrys Davies is queer, non-binary, chronically physically and mentally ill, and Autistic. Ey are currently in eir second year at the Evans School of Public Affairs and are passionate about disability justice and collaboration with other groups and people trying to work to challenge existing systems of oppression.

Tash Hansen-Day

Programming and Outreach Coordinator: Tash Hansen-Day

(Text description of the picture: Tash is posing for a picture wearing a patterned blue shirt and pink bowtie, with green trees in the background.)

Tash Hansen-Day is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing, disabled, queer, white, trans/nonbinary human who is in their last year at UW in the Disability Studies program. They are excited about working at the d center and connecting with other communities to collectively work towards disability justice both at UW and in the wider community.

Media and Publications Coordinator: Jessie Zhang

Jessie Zhang is deaf, American-born Chinese (ABC), and female. She is currently in her third year and plans to study psychology, human-centered design & engineering, or informatics with a minor in diversity. Jessie looks forward to making the D Center a welcoming place that is affirmative of people with disabilities and the D/deaf community.