• The Design Help Desk offers free advice
    for members of the University of Washington
    community who are seeking to improve
    their visuals for presentation and publication.

  • “I really liked how the consultant first tried to understand our project and then gave us helpful advice on how to organize the layout of the poster.”

    UW Graduate Student,
    Nanotechnology + Molecular Engineering

  • “Fantastic! All capstone students would benefit from this service. I’ve never talked about design like this—it is extremely helpful!”

    UW Graduate Student,
    The Information School

  • “Great help! I learned some good design principles that I can use for future graph making.”

    UW PhD Candidate,
    Atmospheric Sciences

  • “It felt so daunting at first, but the Design Help Desk helped me to organize the different parts and pieces of a complex exhibit that I had to create.”

    UW Staff Member/Librarian

  • “The solution was so obvious, but I would never have known where to look without help.”

    UW PhD Candidate,