Your Visit

How to Prepare

Bring a hard copy of the graphic/visualthat you would like to improve. You can alsobring your work on a laptop or tablet, but a hard copy allows the designer to sketch with you, which is often reported as one of the most helpful aspects of a Design Help Desk visit.

What to Expect

You’ll have a one-on-one consultation with a design consutlant on our staff. You can bring in any visual work, at any stage of the process—from initial sketches to almost final diagrams and illustrations—that are for presentations, posters, publications, etc. The consultant will offer suggestions and recommendations that can help you to improve your visuals. Sessions typically last about 10-30 minutes. So that we can serve as many clients as possible, we ask that you limit your visits to the Desk Help Desk to three sessions per quarter.

What We Don’t Do

The designer will advise you on changes youcan make to your graphic, but they will notre-do the actual graphic for you. Also, while our designers are happy to answer incidental software questions that arise during a Help Desk session, we do not offer software tutorials. UW IT does provides a number of software related workshops.

Be prepared to briefly explain to the design consultant what your graphic/visual is supposed to do. To best help you, the design consultant needs to know:

Who is the audience for your visual?

What is the message that this visual must convey?

What is the most important aspect of the graphic?

What is the “takeaway message” for your audience?