From the Design Help Desk

Read our paper “A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper” in Advanced Materials 23, no. 38 (October 11, 2011): 4343–46.

Watch the video introduction to the Advanced Materials paper at

View our Information Plus conference presentation “Proving the Value of Visual Design in Scientific Communication” at:

Take our UW Canvas online course “Designing Effective Figures” by enrolling at:

Read “Designing Data” in ARCADE 31, no. 4 (September 2013) at

Recommended Articles

“Points of View” is a superb collection of monthly columns on data visualization published in Nature Methods. These short articles are written by Bang Wong, Martin Krzywinski and co-authors Nils Gehlenborg, Cydney Nielsen, Noam Shoresh, Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard, Erica Savig and Alberto Cairo.

“Summarize Your Work in 100 Milliseconds or Less… The Importance of the Table of Contents Image” by Jillian Buriak in ACS Nano 5, no. 10 (October 25, 2011): 7687–89.

“Titles and Table of Contents Images: The Candy Store Analogy” by Jillian Buriak in Chemistry of Materials 26, no. 3 (February 11, 2014): 1289–90.

Presentations: Billboard Science” by Kendall Powell in Nature 483, no. 7387 (March 1, 2012): 113–15.

Scientifically Speaking, a report from The Oceanography Council, 2005. Advice and observations on preparing a scientific poster and delivering a scientific talk.

Additional Resources

Engage Science is a graduate seminar and speaker series that helps University of Washington graduate students develop the skills they need to more effectively present their research to the public. Through better communication, the group hopes to promote greater awareness and support of scientific research.

Sandbox is a student and faculty group at the University of Washington that brings a community of artists, designers, scientists and engineers together inorder to explore potential collaborations.