Pricing List

Rate Category:



Nikon Optiphot


Consulting/Tools Devel.

Internal Rate:




$0.00 for DMC users


External Rate






Rates are based on the time reserved on the calendars. Huygens Deconvolution is available free of charge for all users of facility equipment, external rate will be charged for users bringing in their own images.

The last column is hourly charge for DMC staff. It includes activities classified as:
• Consulting - providing advice on experimental design, imaging strategies, image analysis.
• Tools Development - developing or creating tangible items such as macros for Fiji, protocols for labeling, imaging or analysis.
• Assisted Use - acquiring images on a customer's samples or operating a workstation image analysis. (Sometimes blurs into Training)
• Training - teaching operation of instruments or software, teaching advanced techniques or providing a refresher.

A word about when the "meter starts running" for staff time: If you have a question about something, please ask it. Answers are free. We want you to use the DMC resources correctly. This is to prevent damage to equipment and to ensure that you get the best possible results from your sample.
If the question gets into teaching a new skill or background information, then you will be told when the "meter starts running".