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    e.g. stands for the Latin exempli gratia, which translates roughly as “for example.” e.g. is the University of Washington’s online journal of 100-level writing and the essays published here are exemplary academic essays that written in first year composition courses — ENGL 131, 111, 121, 109, and 110 — at UW. These essays engage and illustrate the UW’s Expository Writing Program’s outcomes for 100-level writing. Essays are nominated for consideration (either by the student or the student’s instructor) and the e.g. editorial committee of selects the best essays for publication.

    e.g. also serves as an springboard for students and instructors of writing to engage in the larger academic writing community. e.g. offers resources and networks for University of Washington students and instructors to join the on- and offline conversations — regionally, nationally, and even internationally — about rhetoric and composition, undergraduate education, and teaching and learning writing. It is our hope that e.g. affords UW undergraduates the opportunity to contribute their ideas, questions, and arguments to these conversations, as well as giving instructors entrances and examples to work with, from, and through.