• Submissions

    e.g. is looking for exemplary writing from 100-level courses here at the University of Washington, Seattle.  What is an exemplary essay?  It is writing that demonstrates not only outstanding engagement with the EWP outcomes, but also additional qualities including:

    • How well the paper in question interests an audience of readers of this journal, which includes students and instructors of similar writing courses within this university, as well as those students applying to the university or seeking understanding of outstanding 100 level writing
    • Stakes manifested within the paper–what are the consequences of this paper, and how are they made visible?
    • Innovative rhetoric and research methodologies
    • Fulfillment of assignment goals: How well does the paper work with and through the prompt?

    To this end, we are accepting both long (5+ pgs) and shorter work (2-3 pgs) for publication in order to reflect the diversity of assignments and pratical work that occurs in your composition courses.  Papers will be read with the prompts in mind, but we suggest that revisions to the work be considered that increase its appeal to a larger audience.



    Students may self-nominate their own paper or an instructor may nominate a student’s paper for consideration. Submissions for publication in e.g. must be written for an English 109/110, 111, 121, or 131 at the University of Washington, Seattle.  Papers must have been completed during the designated academic year.  Collaborative and multi-media submissions are accepted. Multiple submission from a single writer are discouraged.

    Submissions must include the following:

    • A signed, completed submission form (in WORD format) printed and turned into the e.g. box in PDL A-11 or mailed to the editorial committee’s address below*
    • The assignment prompt, emailed or printed
    • A clean, unmarked, revised paper with writer’s name and page number on each page, emailed or printed

    Please include a Works Cited with your papers, along with any relevant media.  If you are emailing materials, please be sure to include your full name and contact information in the email and list the attached files and file names.  Submission forms must be submitted on paper (with signature).

    *Please note that the nominating instructor page is only necessary for instructors submitting work on a student’s behalf. Students who are self-nominating should disregard this part of the form.

    The submission period for the 2014-2015 academic year is currently closed, but we hope you’ll consider submitting materials for the 2015-2016 year.

    Please drop off submissions to the e.g. box located in A-11 Padelford Hall (Expository Writing Office).  Immediately upon entering, look left, and on a vertical hanging mailbox there is a sign for e.g. submissions.  Please note that PDL A-11 Office Hours are M-F, 7:30-3:30. Submissions may also be snail mailed to:


    c/o AJ Burgin
    English, UW
    Box 354330
    Seattle, WA 98195

    Again, alternatively, submissions may be emailed to the editorial committee (egonline@uw).  However, submission forms must be turned in hardcopy.

    Submissions are read, judged, and final selections are made during the Fall Quarter following the deadline.  Final publication occurs during Winter Quarter.  If you have any questions, please contact the editorial committee.