For Instructors

For Instructors

In addition to its central goal of publishing exemplary and outstanding student writing, e.g. also hopes to serve as a resource and clearinghouse of ideas for composition teachers at the University of Washington and beyond.

Submission Invitation

The e.g. committee asks you to ask your students from this past year to submit their major papers to e.g.. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve created a “personal” email template to send out to your class. You can cut and paste. You can personalize. You can write your own email, too. We just wanted to make sure to get the word out that we need submissions. Additionally, if there were particular student papers that stood out from last quarter or this past year, please individually encourage those students to submit their work. The email template is below. We appreciate your help in teaching, mentoring, and encouraging your students!

Hello class!

I’m sending out this end-of-the-quarter invitation to encourage you to submit your work from our English 111/121/131 class to e.g., the online journal of first-year writing at UW. Just go to the following website for more information:

The journal provides a nice, low-stakes venue for you to get your feet wet publishing, and also offers an audience outside the classroom.  Publication in e.g. is a good c.v. or resume builder as well. For last year’s set of winners the e.g. committee awarded winners with a prize, and they foresee being able to do that again.  They are accepting submissions through the end of the Summer. Submissions should be major papers, and current submission requirements are on the website.  All of you did really tremendous work last quarter, and I really encourage any and all of you to take advantage of this.  If you have any questions about your papers or would like to talk to me about revisions, I’d be happy to look at your work! Good luck!

[your name]

UW Instructors Area

e.g. offers a special area intended for UW instructor use only and so is password protected. If you are an EWP writing instructor, contact the editorial committee for a user name and password, then click here to continue.