Current teaching Classes

Chem E 461, Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory

Chem E 465, Chemical Reactor Design

Chem E 486, Chemical Engineering Capstone Design

Building a Rainbow

Example of electrochemistry process that can be made in the class room.

Want to learn more?


By D.B. Allred, Building a Rainbow, Interface Mag 15(3), 19 (2006).

Engin-earrings (Engineering Days

   Engineering event is a path of the engineering open house at University of Washington. We electrodeposit titanium to form thin titanium oxide layer. The titanium oxide layer reflects day light with unique wavelength result in unique colors depending on oxide layer thickness.

Want to learn more?


By J.B Nelson and K.M. Jeerage, Engineering: Dazzle Kids by Tuning Dull Gray Titanium into Colorful Jewelry, Interface Mag 15(3), 19 (2006).

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