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2010  [Top]

  • Fairweather, J. D.; Cheung, P.; Schwartz, D. T., The effects of  wetproofing on the capillary properties of proton exchange membrane fuel cell gas diffusion layers. Journal of Power Sources 2010, 195 (3), 787-793.
  • Kitayaporn, S.; Hoo, J. H.; Bohringer, K. F.; Baneyx, F.; Schwartz, D.  T., Orchestrated structure evolution: accelerating direct-write  nanomanufacturing by combining top-down patterning with bottom-up  growth. Nanotechnology 2010, 21 (19).
  • Zhou, W.; Schwartz, D. T.; Baneyx, F., Single-Pot Biofabrication of Zinc Sulfide Immuno-Quantum Dots. Journal of the American Chemical Society2010, 132 (13), 4731-4738.

2009  [Top]

  • Grosh, C. D.; Schwartz, D. T.; Baneyx, F., Protein-Based Control of Silver Growth Habit Using Electrochemical Deposition. Crystal Growth & Design 2009, 9 (10), 4401-4406.
  • M. Tan, J.D. Whitaker, and D.T. Schwartz, Simulation study on the use of strippable coatings for radiocesium decontamination of concrete, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 162 1111-1120 (2009)
  • P. Cheung, J.D. Fairweather, and D.T. Schwartz, Characterization of internal wetting in polymer electrolyte membrane gas diffusion layers, Journal of Power Sources  187 487-492 (2009).

2008  [Top]

  • A. Sengupta, C.K. Thai, M.S.R Sastry, J.F. Matthaei, D.T. Schwartz, E.J Davis, and F. Baneyx, A genetic approach for controlling the binding and orientation of proteins on nanoparticles, Langmuir 24 2000-2008 (2008)
  • D.B. Allred, A. Cheng, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Three-dimensional architecture of inorganic nanoarrays electrodeposited through a surface-layer protein mask, Nano Letters 8 1434-1438 (2008)
  • J.B. Nelson and D.T. Schwartz, Characterization of buffered electrolytes for nickel electrochemical printing, J. of the electrochemical society 155 D181-D186 (2008)

2007  [Top]

  • J.D. Fairweather, P. Cheung, J. St.-Pierre, and D.T. Schwartz, A microfluidic approach for measuring capillary pressure in PEMFC gas diffusion layers, Electrochem. Comm.  9 2340-2345 (2007).
  • D.B. Allred, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Bacterial surface-layers for electrochemical nanofbrication, Electrochim Acta 53 193-199 (2007).
  • J.B. Nelson and D.T. Schwartz, Electrochemical factors controlling the patterning of metals on SAM-coated substrates, Langmuir 23 9661-9666 (2007).
  • F. Baneyx and D.T. Schwartz, The peptide-inorganic interface, Curr. Opin. Biotech. 18 312-317 (2007).
  • M.S. Hassenbank, E. Fu, J.B. Nelson, D.T. Schwartz, and P. Yager, Investigations of heterogeneous electrochemical processes using multi-stream laminar flow in a microchannel, Lab Chip 7 441-447 (2007).
  • J.B. Nelson and D.T. Schwartz, Electrochemical Printing: Mass transfer effects, J. Micromech. Microeng. 17, 1192-1199 (2007).
  • A. Presenda, D.B. Allred F. Baneyx, D.T. Schwartz, M. Sarikaya, Stability of s-layer proteins for electrochemical nanofabrication, Coll Surf B 57 256-261(2007).
  • D.B. Allred, M. Zin, H. Ma, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx A.K-y. Jen, and D.T. Schwartz, Direct nanofabrication and TEM characterization on a suite of utrathin film substrates, Thin Sol. Films 515 5341–5347 (2007).

2006  [Top]      

  • X.G. Hao, Q.M. Yu, S.Y. Jiang, and D.T. Schwartz, Molecular dynamics simulation of ion selectivity traits of nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China 16 897-902 (2006).
  • B.R. Lutz, J. Chen, and D.T. Schwartz, Hydrodynamic Tweezers: 1. Non-contact cell trapping in a laminar oscillating flow, Anal. Chem. 78 5429-5435 (2006).
  • S.B. Adler and D.T. Schwartz, Education: Electrochemical and solid state science and technology, Interface Mag 15(3), 19 (2006).
  • D.T. Schwartz, Electrodeposition and Nanobiosystems, Interface Mag. 15(1), 34-35 (2006).
  • B.R. Lutz, J. Chen, and D.T. Schwartz, Characterizing Homogeneous Chemistry Using Well-Mixed Microeddies, Anal. Chem. 78 1606-12 (2006).
  • J.R. Wilson, D.T. Schwartz, and S.B. Adler, Nonlinear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for solid oxide fuel cell cathodes, Electrochim Acta 51, 1389-1402 (2006).

2005 [Top]            

  • J.B. Nelson and D.T. Schwartz, "Electrochemical Printing: in situ characterization using an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance," J. Micromech Microeng, 15  2479-84 (2005). See also the journal cover image
  • X. Hao and D.T. Schwartz, Tuning intercalation sites in nickel hexacyanoferrate using lattice nonstoichiometry, Chem. Mat. 17, 5831-36 (2005).
  • H. Dai, W-S. Choe, C.K. Thai, M. Sarikaya, B. A. Traxler, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Nonequilibrium synthesis and organization of hybrid protein-inorganic nanostructures, J.A.C.S. 127, 15637-43 (2005).
  • J.D. Whitaker, J.B. Nelson, and D.T. Schwartz, "Electrochemical Printing: Software reconfigurable electrochemical microfabrication," J. Micromech Microeng, 15, 498-503 (2005). See also the journal cover image
  • J.R. Wilson, S.B. Adler, and D.T. Schwartz, Full spectrum nonlinear response of a harmonically oscillated rotating disk electrode, Phys. Fluids 17 063601 (2005).
  • D.B. Allred, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Electrochemical Nanofabrication using crystalline protein masks, Nano Lett. 5, 609-613 (2005). See also the journal cover image
  • B.R. Lutz, J. Chen, and D.T. Schwartz, Microscopic steady streaming eddies created around short cylinders in a channel: Flow visualization and Stokes layer scaling, Phys Fluids 17 023601 (2005).

2004 [Top]           

  • K.M. Jeerage and D.T. Schwartz, The Chalkboard: Alloy Electrodeposition, Interface 13(4), 23-24 (2004).
  • J. Reyes-Gomez, J.A. Medina, K.M. Jeerage, W.A. Steen, and D.T. Schwartz, High capacity SiO2-graphite composite electrodes with chemically incorporated metal HCFs for electrochemically switched alkaline cation exchange, J. Electrochem. Soc. 151 D87-92 (2004).
  • H. Dai, C.K. Thai, M. Sarikaya, F. Baneyx, and D.T. Schwartz, Through-mask anodic patterning of copper surfaces and film stability in biological media, Langmuir 20, 3483-6 (2004). See also the journal cover image
  • C.K. Thai, H. Dai, M.S.R. Sastry, M. Sarikaya, D.T. Schwartz, and F. Baneyx, Identification and characterization of Cu2O- and ZnO- binding polypeptides by Escherichia coli cell surface display: Toward an understanding of metal oxide binding, Biotech Bioeng 87, 129-37 (2004).
  • M. Sarikaya, C. Tamerler, D.T. Schwartz, F. Baneyx, Material assembly and formation using engineered polypeptides, Ann. Rev. Mat. Res. 34, 373-408 (2004).

2003  [Top]                

  • W.A. Steen and D.T. Schwartz, A route to combinatorial libraries of electroactive nickel hexacyanoferrate, Chem. Mat.  15, 2449-53 (2003).
  • B.R. Lutz, J. Chen, and D.T. Schwartz, Microfluidics without Microfabrication, PNAS (USA) 100, 4395-4398 (2003).
  • X. Xiong, et al., Multibatch self-assembly of MEMS by electrochemcial modulation of surface energy, J. MEMS 12, 111-127 (2003).

2002  [Top]               

  • W.A. Steen, et al., Structure of cathodically deposited nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Langmuir 18 7714-23 (2002).
  • W.A. Steen, K.M. Jeerage, and D.T. Schwartz, Raman spectroscopy of redox activity in cathodically deposited  nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Appl. Spec. 56 1021-29 (2002).
  • K.M. Jeerage, W.A. Steen, and D.T. Schwartz, Charge-density-dependent partitioning of Cs+ and K+ into  nickel hexacyanoferrate matrices, Langmuir. 18 3620-25 (2002).
  • K.M. Jeerage, W.A. Steen, and D.T. Schwartz, Correlating nanostructure with ion intercalation in electrodeposited nickel hexacyanoferrate thin films, Chem. Mat. 14, 530-535 (2002).
  • Q. Yu, W.A. Steen, K.M. Jeerage, S. Jiang, and D.T. Schwartz, Structure-dependent solvent and ion  intercalation in reduced and oxidized nickel hexacyanoferrates, J. Electrochem. Soc., 149 E195-203 (2002).
  • W. Wang,  S.D. Leith, and D.T. Schwartz, Convective-diffusive mass transfer inside complex micromolds during electrodepositon, J. MEMS, 11, 118-124 (2002).

2001  [Top]         

  • W. Wang, M.R Holl, and D.T. Schwartz, Rapid prototyping of masks for through-mask electrodeposition of thick metallic components, J. Electrochem. Soc.148, C363-368 (2001).
  • X.H. Han, G.Z. Cao, T. Pratum, D.T. Schwartz, and B. Lutz, Synthesis and Properties of Er-Doped Silica Glass by Sol-Gel Processing through Organic Complexation, J. Mat. Sci., 36, 985-93 (2001).

2000 [Top]       

  • B. O’Regan, D.T. Schwartz, S.M. Zakeeruddin, and M. Grätzel, Electrodeposited nanocomposite n-p heterojunctions for solid-state dye-sensitized photovoltaics, Adv. Mat., 12, 1263-67 (2000).
  • S.M. Jeerage and D.T. Schwartz, Characterization of cathodically deposited nickel hexacyanoferrate  for electrochemically switched ion exchange, Sep. Sci Tech. 35, 2375-92 (2000).
  • D.T. Schwartz and S.M. Haight, Transport and chemistry at electroactive interfaces studied using line-imaging  Raman spectroscopy, Colloid Surf. A 174, 209-219 (2000).
  • S.D. Leith and D.T. Schwartz, High throughput electrodeposition of uniform NiFe micromachined components  through thick molds, J. MEMS 8, 384-92 (1999).

1999 [Top]         

  • S.D. Leith and D.T. Schwartz, Through mold electrodeposition using the uniform injection cell: Workpiece and pattern scale uniformity, Electrochim. Acta, 44, 4017-27 (1999).
  • S.M. Haight, D.T. Schwartz, and M.A. Lilga, In-situ oxidation state profiling of nickel hexacyanoferrate derivatized electrodes using line imaging Raman spectroscopy and multivariate calibration, J. Electrochem. Soc. 146, 1866-72 (1999).
  • S.D. Leith and D.T. Schwartz, In-situ fabrication of sacrifical layers in electrodeposited NiFe microstructures, J. Micromech Microeng., 9 97-104 (1999). See also the journal cover photograph.
  • S.D. Leith, S. Ramli, and D.T. Schwartz, Characterization of NixFe1–x (0.1≤x≤0.95) electrodeposition from a family of sulfamate-chloride electrolytes, J. Electrochem. Soc. 146 , 1431-35 (1999).

1998  [Top]        

  • S.D. Leith, W. Wang, and D.T. Schwartz, Characterization of flow-induced structure in NiFe CMAs, J. Electrochem. Soc., 145 2827-33 (1998).
  • B. O'Regan and D.T. Schwartz, Large Enhancement in Photocurrent Efficiency Caused by UV Illumination of  the Dye Sensitized Heterojunction TiO2/RuLL'NCS/CuSCN: Initiation and Potential Mechanism, Chem. Mat., 10 1501-09 (1998).
  • J.A. Bowman and D.T. Schwartz, High Peclet number mass transfer in a low Reynolds number acoustic streaming flow, Int. J. Heat Mass, 41 1065-74 (1998).

1997  [Top]      

  • M.A. Lilga, R.J. Orth, J.H. Sukamto, S.M. Haight, and D.T. Schwartz, Metal ion separations using electrically switched ion exchange, Sep. Purif. Tech., 11 147-58 (1997).
  • D.T. Schwartz, M.F. Buehler, D.X. Christiansen, and E.J. Davis, In-situ monitoring of electrochemical transport processes in Hanford grout vault soil, J. Haz. Mat., 55 23-37 (1997).
  • S.M. Haight and D.T. Schwartz, Automated background removal scheme for line-imaging Raman spectroscopy, Appl. Spec. 51, 930-38 (1997).
  • J.A. Medina and D.T. Schwartz, Electrodeposition of flow-induced composition modulated NiFe alloys in the  uniform injection cell, Electrochim. Acta 42, 2679-2684 (1997).
  • J.A. Medina and D.T. Schwartz, Nonlinear dynamics of limiting current in the flow-modulated uniform injection cell, J. Electrochem. Soc. 144, 155-65 (1997).

1996 [Top]     

  • J.A. Medina and D.T. Schwartz, Nonlinear dynamics of modulated flow between a porous injector and an impermeable substrate, Phys. Fluids 8, 2895-2905 (1996).
  • B. O'Regan and D.T. Schwartz, Efficient dye-sensitized charge separation in a wide-band-gap p-n heterojunction, J. Appl. Phys. 80, 4749-54 (1996).
  • J.A. Medina and D.T. Schwartz, Inertial oscillations in the impulsively-started flow between a porous injector  and an impermeable substrate, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A, 452, 1885-1902 (1996).
  • S.D. Leith and D.T. Schwartz, Flow-induced composition modulated NiFe thin films with nanometer-scale wavelengths, J. Electrochem. Soc., 143, 873-879 (1996).

1995 [Top]        

  • S.M. Haight and D.T. Schwartz, In-situ imaging Raman spectroscopy of electrochemically-deposited CuSCN, J. Electrochem. Soc., 142, L156-59 (1995).
  • B.C. O'Regan and D.T. Schwartz, Efficient photo-hole injection from adsorbed cyanine dyes into electrodeposited copper (I) thiocyanate thin films, Chem. Mat., 7 1349-54 (1995).
  • J.A. Medina, D.L. Sexton, and D.T. Schwartz, Steady state characterization of the uniform injection cell: II. Experiment, J. Electrochem. Soc. 142 457-63 (1995); Errata, J. Electrochem. Soc. 142 L46 (1995).
  • J.A. Medina and D.T. Schwartz, Steady state characterization of the uniform injection cell: I. Theory, J. Electrochem. Soc. 142 451-56 (1995).

1993 [Top]             

  • D.T. Schwartz, Measurements of steady axial streaming at a rotating disc with torsional oscillations, Proc.  R. Soc. Lond. A 442, 397-407 (1993).
  • D.T. Schwartz, Experimental implementation and capabilities of Fourier transform hydrodynamic modulation  voltammetry (FTHMV), J. Electrochem. Soc. 140, 452-58 (1993).

1992 [Top]         

  • T.P. Pearsall, J.C. Adams, J.N. Kidder, Jr., P.S. Williams, S.A. Chambers, J. Lach, D.T. Schwartz, and  B.Z. Nosho, Bright visible photoluminescence in thin silicon films, Thin Solid Films 222, 200-4 (1992).
  • J.N. Kidder, Jr., P.S. Williams, T.P. Pearsall, D.T. Schwartz, and B.Z. Nosho, A comparison of light emission from stain-etch and anodic-etch silicon films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 61, 2896-98 (1992).

1991 [Top]       

  • D.T. Schwartz and R.H. Muller, Oxidation films on copper in alkaline media:  Intensity modulated photoelectrochemical and Raman spectroscopy studies, Surf. Sci. 248, 349-58 (1991).
  • D.T. Schwartz and R.H. Muller, Photoelectrochemical evidence for saturated optical absorption in electrolytic  cuprous oxide, Appl. Phys. Lett. 58, 1739-41 (1991).

1990 [Top]         

  • D.T. Schwartz, T.J. Rehg, P. Stroeve, and B.G. Higgins, Fluctuating flow with mass transfer induced by a  rotating disk electrode with a superimposed time-periodic modulation, Phys. Fluids A 2, 167-77 (1990).

1989  [Top]        

  • D.T. Schwartz, P. Stroeve, and B.G. Higgins, Electrodeposition of composition modulated alloys in a  fluctuating flow, AIChE J. 35, 1315-27 (1989).
  • D.T. Schwartz, Multilayered alloys induced by fluctuating flow, J. Electrochem. Soc. 136, 53C-56C (1989)
  • D.T. Schwartz, P. Stroeve, and B.G. Higgins, Fourier transform methods in hydrodynamic modulation  voltammetry, J. Electrochem. Soc. 136, 1755-64 (1989).

1988  [Top]     

  • D.T. Schwartz, Large amplitude HMV, J. Electrochem. Soc. 135, 31C-34C (1988).

1987  [Top]     

  • D.T. Schwartz, B.G. Higgins, P. Stroeve, and D. Borowski, Mass transfer studies in a plating cell with a  reciprocating paddle, J. Electrochem. Soc. 134, 1639-45 (1987).

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