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Re-envisioning the Ph.D.
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Project Background

Re-envisioning the Ph.D., a $515,000 project funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts poses the challenging question: "How can we re-envision the Ph.D. to meet the needs of the society of the 21st Century?" The Project was funded to:

  • Identify and produce examples of the scattered and diffuse attempts currently underway to redesign doctoral education;
  • Explore the connections among the efforts, the issues, and the many stakeholders involved;
  • Convene national leaders to develop a set of strategies and incentives and an overall concept or design for addressing the issues to effect change based on a new vision of the Ph.D.
  • Continue to encourage and support national conversations and serve as a clearinghouse of innovative practices in doctoral education.

Thus our current mission is to foster local and national/international discussions and initiatives that address the question: How can we re-envision the Ph.D. to meet the societal needs of the 21st Century?

On this web page you will find information about the background and history of the Project, the study done for the Project, the 2000 Re-envisioning the Ph.D. Conference held in Seattle, Washington, and current work of the Project. Links are provided below.

Funded by the PEW Charitable TrustSitemapContact UsSearch