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1) Promising Practice Description

Please describe (in 200 words or fewer) the Ph.D. program, idea, or aspect of doctoral training that could be considered a promising practice. Include the title of the program/project as well. Our goal is to encourage readers to go to the appropriate contact person or web site for that practice, so please emphasize what is unique or innovative about the practice.


2) Category

Please indicate the category most relevant to the promising practice from the list below. This helps us choose appropriate topical areas for indexing.


3) Location

Where is the practice occurring, or by whom is the program offered?


4) Contact Person

Who is the contact person for the promising practice that we may list on the site? We want visitors to your promising practice page to know who to contact with additional questions about your practice.


5) Contact for Additional Program Information

Is there a web site address, e-mail, and/or telephone contact for the promising practice or program? Please include URL and email if available for the practice.


6) Your Contact Information



Institution, Agency,
Firm, or Association










Submissions will be assessed for inclusion,
and may be edited for appropriateness.


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