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Re-envisioning the Ph.D.
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Index of Promising Practices Topic Areas

Graduate Student Experiences

Mentoring of Graduate Students

Preparation for Teaching

Professional Development

Socializing Doctoral Students

Working in Teams


Graduate Student Requirements

The Dissertation

The General and Final Exams

Innovative Ways to Provide Financial Support



Institutional Partnerships and Collaborations

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training

Partnerships between Academic Institutions

Partnerships or Internships with Business, Industry, or Government

University / Pre-College Collaborations


Policies in Doctoral Education

Assessing Doctoral Education

Issues of Diversity

New Policies

Reduction in Time-to-Degree

Residency, E-Learning, Transfer of Credits



General Information and Trends

Selected Quantitative Studies

Funded by the PEW Charitable TrustSitemapContact UsSearch