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"A Hands-On Introduction to Mathematica" - 1, 2


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UW lab safety manual pdf

Purchase Order form (editable) pdf

Elemental Analysis form - Atlantic Microlab (editable) pdf

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MassSpec form UW MedChem pdf

Technical writing tips

Journal Impact factor 2005

"Impact factor facts" from C&EN 2008

NMR sampling technique pdf

The Shimming of High Resolution NMR Magnets pdf

NMR Chemical Shifts of common solvents (J. Org. Chem. 1997, 62, 7512-7515) pdf

Quantum yield standards and techniques (courtesy of Jobin Yvon Ltd) pdf

LDA preparation and other lab techniques (courtesy of Alison Frontier)

Interactive periodic table (courtesy of LANL) pdf

UW Environmental Health and Safety

MSDS Links



Accessing Sigma-Aldrich MSDS online is a multi-step process if you only have the chemical name:

  1. MSDS access may be blocked because your “pop-up blocker” is turned on.  Turn off by going to “Tools” on your tool bar.
  2. Go to the Sigma-Aldrich home page.
  3. Do a search by Product Name or Product No. (pull-down menu at upper right).
  4. Open the folder of the chemical in question.
  5. Select the grade or purity of the chemical in question.
  6. Click on the “MSDS” link at upper right.

If you have the product # you can search on that using the pull down menu in step #3.

Helpful documents for researchers (collected from various sources)

"NLO Source" NLO Tutorial by Mark G. Kuzyk at WSU

Purification of Laboratory Chemicals (5th Edition) By: Armarego, Wilfred, L.F.; Chai, Christina, L.L.

Structure Determination of Organic Compounds - Tables of Spectral Data (3rd Edition) By: Pretsch, E., Bühlmann, P., Affolter, C.

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds

Commercial acid strength

Dielectric constants chart (doc); (pdf)

Common solvents for organic reactions

Cooling baths

Crystallization techniques

Evans pKa table; pKa Compilation Table


Physical constants

Pressure conversion table

Pressure Units

Sensitive Chemicals

TLC Stains 1, 2

Basics of NMR

Boiling Point Calculator

Quenching Organic Peroxides


Useful Internet links

IUPAC Gold Book

KNOVEL electronic Books


Organic Syntheses

Aldrichimca Acta Archives

Microwave Chemistry1; 2

Alison Frontier Page (very useful for synthetic chemists)

Gaussian Basis Set order form

Francis A. Carey

Protecting Groups

UW Lib Chemistry e-journals







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