Health and Income Equity
B. International Comparisons

These studies are those that first demonstrated the association among countries between income inequality and various measures of health. They are published in public health, medical or economics journals and are best read with some familiarity of epidemiology.

1. Wilkinson RG. Income distribution and life expectancy. British Medical Journal. 1992; 304: 165-8.

2. McIsaac SJ, Wilkinson RG. Income distribution and cause-specific mortality. European Journal of Public Health 1997; 7: 45-53

3. Rodgers GB. Income and inequality as determinants of mortality: an international 
     cross-sectional analysis. Population Studies 1979; 33: 343-51.

4. Flegg A. Inequality of income, illiteracy, and medical care as determinants of infant mortality 
     in developing countries. Population Studies 1982; 36: 441-58

5. Le Grand J. Inequalities in health: some international comparisons. European Economic Review 1987; 31: 182-91

6.Waldmann RJ. Income distribution and infant mortality. Quarterly Journal of Economics 1992,  107: 1283-1302

7. Wennemo I. Infant mortality, public policy and inequality - a comparison of 18 industrialised 
     countries 1950-85. Sociology of Health and Illness 1993; 15: 429-46

8. Wilkinson RG. National mortality rates: the impact of inequality? American Journal of Public 
     Health 1992; 82: 1082-4 

9. Wilkinson RG. Research note: German income distribution and infant mortality. Sociology of Health and Illness 1994; 16: 260-2

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