The Unique Kelp

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(4) Franz Josef Ruprecht was obviously the man (B.J. Weisgall, personal communication 2009).



Cymathere triplicata (Postels & Ruprecht) J. Agardh

The kelp Cymathere triplicata was first described in 1840 by Alexander Philipov Postels and Franz Josef Ruprecht as Laminaria triplicata.  In 1868, Jacob Georg Agardh determined that a new genus should be established to distinguish Cymathere triplicata from others in its former genus, Laminaria (1). The genus Cymathere is monotypic (a taxon encompassing only one species), with C. triplicata identified as its only species(2). In 1933 another species, C. fibrosa, was described from the Pacific coast of Russia.  It is unclear whether this is accepted as a member of the genus Cymathere (3).


PHYLUM: Heterokontophyta (Phaeophyta)
CLASS: Phaeophyceae
ORDER: Laminariales
FAMILY: Laminariaceae
GENUS: Cymathere
SPECIES: triplicata (1)



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