Flattened Acid Kelp

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Introduction to Demarestia ligulata


Desmarestia ligulata

Blades of Desmarestia ligulata


Desmarestia ligulata

Desmarestia ligulata out of water




The Alga of Destruction!

Welcome to my website devoted to the brown alga Desmarestia ligulata, commonly known as the Flattened Acid Kelp and the algae that will break down the tissues of surrounding algae as well as its own tissue when stressed.

The genus Desmarestia was named after french naturalist Anselme Gaetan Desmarest (1784-1838) and the species name ligulata is derived from the latin word ligula, refering to the alga being "ligulate" or having a strap like shape. The common name "Flattened Acid Kelp" refers to this species being a flat bodied sulfuric acid secreting member of its genus.

Desmarestia ligulata is found abundantly in the shallow subtidal along the shorelines of San Juan Island in Washington State, which made it an excellent algae to study while here at the Friday Harbor laboratories.



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Desmarestia and me

Desmarestia ligulata is also great for modeling purposes. Photo taken by Noemi Ramirez