Flattened Acid Kelp

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Life History

Desmarestia ligulata life cyclefe

Diagram of the heteromorphic life history of Desmarestia ligulata with both microscopic and macroscopic phases shown. The microscopic phases or D. ligulata which include the zoospores, gametophyte and embyronic sporophyte phases occur in the winter, whereas the macroscopic sporophyte phase occurs in the summer.



References: Edwards MS (2000) The role of alternate life-history stages of a marine macroalga: a
seed bank analogue? Ecology 81: 2404-2415





Desmarestia ligulata exhibits a heteromorphic life history pattern. In the warmer summer months the macroscopic Desmarestia ligulata life phase that we see is the diploid sporophyte phase. Toward the winter the sporophyte life phase produces mobile heterokont spores by meiosis. These haploid spores develop into the gametophyte which matures to produce male or female gametes through gametogenesis. These male and female gametes unite is the process of syngamy to produce a diploid zygote which develops into the embryonic sporophyte. This begining sporophyte matures to become the macroscopic sporophyte again in the summer.