The Brillo Pad Algae

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Endocladia muricata-Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (photo by Andrea Dingeldein)






Welcome to the Endocladia muricata website. I chose to create a website about Endocladia after learning about "fairy rings" from a paper by Hunt and Denny (2008). After reading this paper, I became fascinated by "fairy rings" and how they are formed. More information can be found about "fairy rings" by following the above link. I also learned about Endocladia's unique ability to withstand intense heat and desiccation stresses. All of these factors combined make Endocladia muricata one of the coolest species of algae found in the high intertidal.

E. muricata has morphology that is similar to scrubbing pads which has led to E. muricata receiving the nickname the Brillo Pad algae. Menge (1992) used Tuffy brand scrubbing pads to observe the settlement preferences of mussel larvae.






Website created by:

Laura Elsberry

ZooBot Spring Quarter 2009

Friday Harbor Laboratories

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2) Menge, B.A. 1992. Community Regulation: Under What Conditions Are Bottom-Up Factors Important on Rocky Shores? Ecology 73:755-765.