The Brillo Pad Algae

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Endocladia muricata on top of a boulder in the rocky intertidal of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA


Endocladia muricata covering a rock wall at Botanical Beach, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Canada



Endocladia muricata has a range that includes much of the West coast of North America. Specifically, E. muricata can be found from Alaska to Puerto Santo Tomás, Baja California. In parts of California, E. muricata is the most common alga in the high intertidal (1).

This alga can be found in the high to mid intertidal living on the tops of rocks or vertical rock faces. Endocladia muricata is often found in rocky habitats that experience moderate to strong wave action. This species of Endocladia has been known to form a turf with Mastocarpus papillatus and blue green algae (1).


















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