Kylin 1925
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Griffithsia pacifica Kylin: Arguably the best alga




Above: Mounted slide of G. pacifica where the turgid cells ruptured during mounting. The structure shown on the right is the reproductive ring captured in a horizontal plane rather than vertical. Each sphere is a tetraspore, there is a general trend of smaller, developing spores near the middle of the ring where the spores near the exterior are larger.


This site is a comprehensive overview of Griffithsia pacifica, and as stated above, this species is an algal contender in the division Rhodophyta for these reasons:

  • It's red, in the Order Ceramiales, and still easy to identifly!
  • Has huge turgid cells that pop like bubble wrap (but will regenerate!)
  • Bipolar band growth was first described in this species
  • Pit plug composition was also first described
  • A Waaland family specialty...Bob and Sue are awesome


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