Kylin 1925
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Where you can find G. pacifica?

Range: Species within the genus Griffithsia can be found worldwide (e.g. Griffithsia schousboei in Mediterranean), however, the range of G. pacifica is limited to just that, the Pacific Ocean. More specifically, along the North American coast from Southern British Columbia to Baja California (1).

Within this range, the species can commonly be found in the lower intertidal to the subtidal, but no deeper than 20 m. Griffithsia pacifica has been found any many substrates; including the occasional sponge, attatched to holdfasts of large kelp, epiphytic on other red algae and in isolated tufts on rocky substrate (1).

The dock pilings pictured to the left, belonging to Friday Harbor Laboratories, are within one mile from the type locality. Kylin had found G. pacifica while dredging, but it is also possible to find about one meter below the suface during low spring tides (Circumstances under which the bottom picture was taken). As seen in the bottom picture, G. pacifica can also be found growing on dock pilings.



  Reference 1) Abbott, Isabella A. and George J. Hollenberg. Marine Algae of California. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1976.